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Immigration and Discrimination :: Race Racism Prejudice

During the late 1800s and into the 1900s many quite a little immigrated to the United States from Europe and Asia in hope of finding prosperity, and a better life than the champion they were leading in their old homes. Another reason was the sudden industrialization of Europe. (The transformation from sm entirely, agriculture-based societies to manufacturing economies was so rapid and sweeping that it became cognise as the Industrial Revolution.) With all this occurring so quickly many people decided to come to America, but when they arrived here they didnt get what they expected. More than 12 million people immigrated through with(predicate) Ellis Island between 1892 and 1924, the peak years of the port. They came to America hoping to find the promise land but from their journey till when they first arrived in America wasnt so promising.Nearly all of the immigrants confront a terrible trip to the U.S., such as sitting in steerage, not receiving a lot of food or proper medical at tention, and being crammed together in a very small area. Along with the bad conditions, the immigrants also faced many prejudices and hardships as they arrived. Upon arriving in Ellis Island, the immigrants were given a physical examination to see whether or not they were fit to live in the United States. In 1891, Congress created the INS, or in-migration and Naturalization Service to administer federal laws dealing with admission, exclusion, and deportation of aliens. The overwhelming majority of immigrants, regardless of ethnicity, were subjected to discrimination. They were not given the same(p) opportunities as native natural Americans even if they were equally qualified for certain jobs. Ellis Island though, wasnt nearly as bad as its counterpart on the due west coast, Angel Island. Generally on Ellis Island, immigrants were processed within hours or days, but on Angel Island it took weeks or even months. It soon turned into a grasp center and because of its proximity towar ds Asia it consisted by and large of Asians, predominantly of Chinese descent. Many laws and acts were passed over the course of several years when the immigrants started filtering in more and more in high society to limit the amount of people that came from various countries. Quotas were set for the hail of people coming to the U.S. from a certain country and a quota was set for the total number of people that entered America. People were panicked for their jobs and didnt want any more people here to take over the land.Immigration and Discrimination Race racialism PrejudiceDuring the late 1800s and into the 1900s many people immigrated to the United States from Europe and Asia in hope of finding prosperity, and a better life than the one they were leading in their old homes. Another reason was the sudden industrialization of Europe. (The transformation from small, agriculture-based societies to manufacturing economies was so rapid and sweeping that it became known as the Indust rial Revolution.) With all this occurring so quickly many people decided to come to America, but when they arrived here they didnt get what they expected. More than 12 million people immigrated through Ellis Island between 1892 and 1924, the peak years of the port. They came to America hoping to find the promise land but from their journey till when they first arrived in America wasnt so promising.Nearly all of the immigrants faced a terrible trip to the U.S., such as sitting in steerage, not receiving a lot of food or proper medical attention, and being crammed together in a very small area. Along with the bad conditions, the immigrants also faced many prejudices and hardships as they arrived. Upon arriving in Ellis Island, the immigrants were given a physical examination to see whether or not they were fit to live in the United States. In 1891, Congress created the INS, or Immigration and Naturalization Service to administer federal laws dealing with admission, exclusion, and depo rtation of aliens. The overwhelming majority of immigrants, regardless of ethnicity, were subjected to discrimination. They were not given the same opportunities as native born Americans even if they were equally qualified for certain jobs. Ellis Island though, wasnt nearly as bad as its counterpart on the west coast, Angel Island. Generally on Ellis Island, immigrants were processed within hours or days, but on Angel Island it took weeks or even months. It soon turned into a detention center and because of its proximity towards Asia it consisted mostly of Asians, predominantly of Chinese descent. Many laws and acts were passed over the course of several years when the immigrants started filtering in more and more in order to limit the amount of people that came from various countries. Quotas were set for the number of people coming to the U.S. from a certain country and a quota was set for the total number of people that entered America. People were scared for their jobs and didnt want any more people here to take over the land.

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how to crack a game Essay -- essays research papers

IntroducingSo you want to be a cracker huh?Aha.I do it what do you opine.You phone i download any putz crack help documents from the internet read them and can moolah to crack huh?Then ill call me CdKiller and be famous as every different cracker in the net huh?NOALL WHAT YOU HAVE THINK ABOUT CRACKING IS FALSEFORGET IT NOWCLEAR YOUR BRAIN AND ILL TEACH YOU HOW TO CRACKAfter you finished reading this text youll know how to crack Cd protection and how to disable movie/sound/music calls in the game exe.WHAT WE NEED TO CRACKOk before we can start or let us better say before YOU can start to crack you need an disassembler I use Win32Dasm and i think its the best prog for crack beginner.Then you need Hiew to manipulate the exe you want to crack because with Win32Dasm you can notwithstanding take a look into the exe but you cant manipulate anything.Win32DasmHiewThis two things you must called your own to be able to crack progs.Ok we should think that you have already the two progs a nd we can start to crack.LETS CRACKCrack with Win32DasmOk in this lesson ill show you how to work with Win32Dasm and Hiew. straight off we wanna crack an game which is very easy to crack.We crack Need for Speed 2.Ok.We start our Win32Dasm.exe.We can see the main page with an toolbar.We break down onDisassembler.An visiting card pops up and we can see some options.We click on Open file to Disassemble.An other pop up menu show us our HD and we click on the exe we want to disassemble(here is it the nfsw.exe).The disassemble process have start the disassembling may take few minutes (be sure that you have over 80MB free space on your HD if not it may be that the exe cannot be fully disassemble).Ok the exe was disassembled.Huh whats that?All what you can see is a text written with WingDings fontNO PROBLEMO AMIGOClick on Disassembler and and so in the pop up options screen on Font and then on select Font.You can select an Font type (i think the best Font to work with it is Arial).Click on ok.We can now read the text.Ok. still what the hell all the scurvy things mean?Object01 Begtext RVA 00001000 Offset 00000400 Size 000AEA00 Flags 60000020 What does it mean?We dont know that.But no matterWe dont need to know that.What we have to do now is to start the game (here Need for Speed 2) without CD.It doesnt works huh?SHITBut what does the error cognitive content say?Abort messageTo play Need for Speed 2 yo... ...ook which kind of error message the game show- With the message to Win32Dasm and to the String of Data Items pop up menu- There you have to search where you can find the same error message and double click on it- Write down the number after Offset without the h (below the main screen) for every call and jump command (you recognize it if the bar budge his color to green)- Then with the Offset number to Hiew and noop the addressTHAT WAS ALLI hope you understand my text and are now able to crack gamez and other thingsI know that it is not easy to understand (my g ramatic is bader then of an turkish imigrate in russland) but if you try it often enough youll check it and crack itI am sure you doThis is the first text i write about cracking in my life and i am sure it leave alone be not the lastOUTROThe text was written by The PuppetMaster2501.I am proud member of one of the newest crack groups called D.O.C. - Defenders of Cracking.If you have some experience in cracking hacking or can program some graphic tools in Turbo Pascal or C++ and wanna be an Defender too and an member of D.O.C. then send me an e-mail and i will contact you.Lucien91hotmail.comROCK DA PLANET BABY

Birth and Beyond :: essays research papers

deliver & Beyond of Sacramento, is a non-profit health care agency whose main focus is to deliver family support services in a form of family resourcefulness centers and home visitations where a personal home visitor is recruited from the same neighborhood they serve to pull up stakes the caregiver the help he/she needs on how to give a better care for the child. Their mission is to support the caregiver in all areas such(prenominal)(prenominal) as job referral and training, how best to communicate with other parents in the neighborhood, the best way to overcome obstacles that the family might be facing, and how to better use the community resources such as transit system or comprehensive health care services. All these services are provided until the age of five of the youngest child in the family. The family resource centers offers support in budgeting, parenting groups, health, immunization, overall child development, class sessions for anybody who would like to learn Spanish , English, Hmong, or Russian, and Play and Grow groups which are parent/child bonding classes through arts and crafts and kid connection. In addition to the family resource centers and the home visitations, families also have the support of the team of consultants and specialists such as Nurses and Family health counselors, joined together to coordinate a full range of services for the families. ( geographical area served by Birth & Beyond is the Sacramento County which houses nine different Family mental imagery Centers. Each resource center is responsible for certain zip codes areas of the Sacramento County. Many serve up-to five different zip code areas, however Meadowview Family resource Center only serves the zip codes 95822, 95831, and 95832. ( to Heather Blanchard, Meadowview Family Resource Center serves one hundred and thirty families, in which fifteen are Spanish speaking families and five are English speakers. Home visitation services are provided to ten families. This center has the capacity to serve two hundred families. Birth & Beyond is open to anyone who would like to improve the care of their children. However, since Meadowview Family Resource Center is located on Florin Road, the population that frequents this facility the most is Spanish speakers. The youngest client at this facility as of now is a fifteen year old female who started attending at this facility at the age of long dozen and the oldest person is forty-one. This facility is visited by 99% females and .

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The Biggest Challenge Facing Social Work Today Essay -- Essays Papers

The Biggest Challenge Facing Social Work TodayI f the profession of social work was a client we cleverness state that she was wrestling with the psychosocial crisis of identity versus identity confusion. We might assess the conflicted issues from her childhood (casework versus therapy versus policy/administration), the inadequate mirroring she receives from her environment (a culture that needs her to help those who the culture pretends do not exist, but is also compelled to devalue her for the same reason), and the gender biases that help keep social work a low-status, poorly compensated profession.Depending on our theoretical interests we might perform various tasks with our client. We might offer ourselves to our client as idealized figures of power and generosity, evaluate the maladaptive cognitive processes that contribute to her impasse, or attempt to breaking up the sequences of negative reinforcement and sanctions that lock our client into someone elses agenda.Other profes sions, such as business, medicine, and law, vigorously identify themselves with expanding technologica...

Harriet Beecher Stowe Essay -- essays research papers

Harriet Beecher Stowe was a highclass women, reformer, and writer in the 1800s. Shewrote many anti-slavery documents that helped reformsociety. You may know her as the writer of Uncle TomsCabin, the best-selling book in the 1800s about how badslavery was. Because of the encouragement if her husband,Calvin E. Stowe, she became one of the nigh famouswriters, reformers, and abolitionist women of the 1800s.Harriet Elizabeth Beecher Stowe was born on June 14,1811, in Linchfeild, Connecticut. Her father, ReverendLyman Beecher, raised her in a strong, religious, abolitionistenvironment. She was also very well educated. In 1832,she go to Cincinnati with her father. There she learnedabout slavery that was taking place in the state underneathher. In 1836, she married Calvin E. Stowe, a collageprofessor who further her writing, that was soon tomake her one of the famous women in American history. Afew years later she moved to Maine because her husbandwas excepted into a college as a profes sor. HarrietBeecher Stowe is well known for her well writtenanti-slavery document, Uncle Toms Cabin. Uncle TomsCabin is one of Harriets Most potent pieces of writing. Itwas also the 1800s best selling book. She may also beknown for her other, not so famous, anti-slaverydocuments known as the following Dread the Tale of theGreat pocket Swamp, The Ministers Wooing, The Pearlof Orrs Island, and The Oldtown Folks. These books mayn...

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Exile :: essays research papers

Controversy of the ExileAfter reading 2 Kings 25 and the two articles, the main source of occupation between these two sourcs is the amount of detail they go into on different aspects of the Exile. The Biblical reading mentions King Nebuchadnezzar and his capture of King Zedekiah, the efforts of General Nebuzaradan and his detailed final stage and pillaging of Jerusalem and the Temple, the capturing and execution of Judah&8217s chief officers and priests, Judah&8217s revolt against Gedaliah and fleeing to Egypt, and the benevolence King Evil-merodach of Babylon demonstrated towards Jehoiachin. The articles, however, mentioned nothing of to do with any of these circumstances. They concentrated, instead, on the intent in Judah during the Exile. The Biblical picture of conduct in Judah during the Exile was expressed in only a few verses. One states, &8220But the poorest of the people were leavefield to farm the land (2 Kings 2512). This gives us little information to work with, a nd all that can be assumed is that not many people were left in Jerusalem, and those that were, farmed. Whether they farmed for themselves, or for Babylon cannot be reasonably determined from this one verse. Later on, we see that some underground guerrilla forces were also left in Judah as they assassinated Gedaliah and fled to Egypt. Other than this, we know nothing from 2 Kings 25 about life in Judah during the Exile. The articles, however, give us much more light into life in Judah during these times. Graham illustrates that the people that worked in Jerusalem, Mozah, and Gibeon during the Exile were primarily vinedressers and plowmen. 2 Kings 25 does not give us enough information to have cognise that people worked in these three cities. Their work, however, was not for themselves, but for the greater power of Babylon, as can be illustrated in an engraving on a reorganise that read, &8220belonging to the lord in reference to the work done by the people for the Babylonian king. This, also, was not explicitly illustrated in 2 Kings 25. The king of Babylon collected the goods produced and utilize them to better the Babylonian economy and the royal crown. Governor Gedaliah also was expected to have overseen people of Judah work to produce wine, fruit, and oil for Babylon. Outside Benjamin, people worked to shambling perfume, especially balm, for the royal crown of Babylon. The insight Graham gives us into the work done at Mizpah stresses an important point that 2 Kings 25 leaves out.

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Angels Demons Chapter 55-57

55Langdon and Vittoria exploded onto the courtyard unwrapside the Secret Archives. The fresh air felt up exchangeable a drug as it flowed into Langdons lungs. The purpleness spots in his vision quickly faded. The guilt, however, did not. He had just been accomplice to stealing a priceless relic from the worlds near private vault. The camerlegno had said, I am giving you my trust.Hurry, Vittoria said, sedate holding the folio in her hand and striding at a half-jog crossways Via Borgia in the direction of Olivettis office.If any water gets on that papyrus Calm down. When we decipher this thing, we can return their sacred Folio 5.Langdon accelerated to keep up. Beyond feeling like a criminal, he was still misty over the documents spellbinding implications. John Milton was an Illuminatus. He composed the poem for Galileo to publish in Folio 5 far from the eyes of the Vatican.As they left the courtyard, Vittoria held out the folio for Langdon. You think you can decipher this thin g? Or did we just kill all those brain cells for kicks?Langdon took the document carefully in his hands. Without hesitation he slipped it into one of the breast pockets of his tweed jacket, out of the sunlight and dangers of moisture. I deciphered it already.Vittoria stopped short. You what?Langdon kept moving.Vittoria hustled to catch up. You read it once I thought it was suppositious to be hardLangdon knew she was decently, and yet he had deciphered the segno in a single reading. A perfect stanza of iambic pentameter, and the get-go communion table of science had revealed itself in pristine clarity. Admittedly, the ease with which he had accomplished the task left him with a nagging disquietude. He was a child of the Puritan work ethic. He could still hear his father speaking the old New England aphorism If it wasnt painfully difficult, you did it wrong. Langdon hoped the saying was false. I deciphered it, he said, moving faster now. I jazz where the low killing is going to ha ppen. We need to warn Olivetti.Vittoria closed in on him. How could you already know? Let me see that thing again. With the sleight of a boxer, she slipped a lis roughly hand into his pocket and rolled out the folio again.Careful Langdon said. You cant Vittoria ignored him. Folio in hand, she floated beside him, holding the document up to the evening light, examining the margins. As she began reading aloud, Langdon moved to retrieve the folio only when instead found himself bewitched by Vittorias accented alto speaking the syllables in perfect he imposturebeat with her gait.For a moment, hearing the verse aloud, Langdon felt transported in time as though he were one of Galileos contemporaries, listening to the poem for the first time clear-sighted it was a test, a map, a clue unveiling the four altars of science the four markers that blazed a unfathomed path across Rome. The verse flowed from Vittorias lips like a song.From Santis earthly tomb with demons hole,Cross Rome the mystic elements unfold.The path of light is laid, the sacred test,Let angels guide you on your lofty quest.Vittoria read it twice and wherefore fell silent, as if letting the ancient rule books resonate on their own.From Santis earthly tomb, Langdon repeated in his mind. The poem was crystal clear about that. The highway of glitter began at Santis tomb. From there, across Rome, the markers blazed the trail.From Santis earthly tomb with demons hole,Cross Rome the mystic elements unfold.Mystic elements. Also clear. Earth, Air, Fire, Water. Elements of science, the four Illuminati markers disguised as apparitional sculpture.The first marker, Vittoria said, sounds like its at Santis tomb.Langdon smiled. I told you it wasnt that tough.So who is Santi? she asked, sounding suddenly excited. And wheres his tomb?Langdon chuckled to himself. He was amazed how few people knew Santi, the exsert name of one of the most famous conversion artists ever to live. His first name was world reno wned the child prodigy who at the age of twenty-five was already doing commissions for Pope Julius II, and when he died at solely thirty-eight, left behind the greatest collection of frescoes the world had ever seen. Santi was a behemoth in the art world, and beingness known totally by ones first name was a level of fame achieved only by an elite few people like Napoleon, Galileo, and Jesus and, of course, the demigods Langdon now heard clamoring from Harvard dormitories Sting, Madonna, Jewel, and the artist formerly known as Prince, who had changed his name to the symbolAngels & Demonscausing Langdon to dub him The Tau Cross With Intersecting Hermaphroditic Ankh.Santi, Langdon said, is the last name of the great Renaissance master, Raphael.Vittoria looked surprised. Raphael? As in the Raphael?The one and only. Langdon pushed on toward the Office of the Swiss Guard.So the path starts at Raphaels tomb?It actually makes perfect sense, Langdon said as they hotfoot on. The Illumina ti often considered great artists and sculptors honorary br other(a)s in enlightenment. The Illuminati could have chosen Raphaels tomb as a kind of tribute. Langdon also knew that Raphael, like some(prenominal) other religious artists, was a suspected closet atheist.Vittoria slipped the folio carefully back in Langdons pocket. So where is he inhumed?Langdon took a deep breath. Believe it or not, Raphaels buried in the Pantheon.Vittoria looked skeptical. The Pantheon?The Raphael at the Pantheon. Langdon had to admit, the Pantheon was not what he had expected for the placement of the first marker. He would have guessed the first altar of science to be at some quiet, out of the way church, something subtle. Even in the 1600s, the Pantheon, with its tremendous, holed dome, was one of the best known sites in Rome.Is the Pantheon even a church? Vittoria asked.Oldest Catholic church in Rome.Vittoria shake her head. But do you really think the first fundamental could be killed at the Pan theon? Thats got to be one of the busiest tourist spots in Rome.Langdon shrugged. The Illuminati said they valued the whole world watching. Killing a cardinal at the Pantheon would certainly open some eyes.But how does this guy expect to kill someone at the Pantheon and get away unnoticed? It would be impossible.As impossible as kidnapping four cardinals from Vatican city? The poem is precise.And youre certain Raphael is buried inside the Pantheon?Ive seen his tomb many times.Vittoria nodded, still looking troubled. What time is it?Langdon checked. Seven-thirty.Is the Pantheon far?A mile maybe. Weve got time.The poem said Santis earthly tomb. Does that mean anything to you?Langdon hastened diagonally across the Courtyard of the Sentinel. secular? Actually, theres probably no more earthly place in Rome than the Pantheon. It got its name from the original religion practiced there Pantheism the worship of all gods, specifically the pagan gods of Mother Earth.As a student of archit ecture, Langdon had been amazed to learn that the dimensions of the Pantheons main chamber were a tribute to Gaea the goddess of the Earth. The proportions were so exact that a giant spherical globe could fit perfectly inside the building with less than a millimeter to spare.Okay, Vittoria said, sounding more convinced. And demons hole? From Santis earthly tomb with demons hole?Langdon was not quite as sure about this. Demons hole must mean the oculus, he said, making a logical guess. The famous measure opening in the Pantheons roof.But its a church, Vittoria said, moving effortlessly beside him. Why would they call the opening a demons hole?Langdon had actually been wondering that himself. He had neer heard the term demons hole, but he did recall a famous sixth-century critique of the Pantheon whose words seemed oddly appropriate now. The Venerable Bede had once scripted that the hole in the Pantheons roof had been bored by demons trying to hightail it the building when it was consecrated by Boniface IV.And wherefore, Vittoria added as they entered a smaller courtyard, why would the Illuminati use the name Santi if he was really known as Raphael?You ask a lot of questions.My dad used to say that.Two possible reasons. One, the word Raphael has too many syllables. It would have destroyed the poems iambic pentameter.Sounds like a stretch.Langdon agreed. Okay, wherefore maybe using Santi was to make the clue more obscure, so only very enlightened men would recognize the reference to Raphael.Vittoria didnt appear to buy this either. Im sure Raphaels last name was very well known when he was alive.amazingly not. Single name recognition was a status symbol. Raphael shunned his last name much like pop stars do today. Take Madonna, for example. She never uses her surname, Ciccone.Vittoria looked amused. You know Madonnas last name?Langdon regretted the example. It was amazing the kind of garbage a mind picked up living with 10,000 adolescents.As he and Vittoria passed the final gate toward the Office of the Swiss Guard, their march on was halted without warning.Para a voice bellowed behind them.Langdon and Vittoria roll outed to find themselves looking into the barrel of a rifle.Attento Vittoria exclaimed, jumping back. Watch it with Non sportarti the guard snapped, cocking the weapon.Soldato a voice commanded from across the courtyard. Olivetti was emerging from the security center. Let them goThe guard looked bewildered. Ma, signore, e una donna Inside he yelled at the guard.Signore, non posso Now You have new orders. Captain Rocher allow be briefing the corps in two minutes. We will be organizing a search.Looking bewildered, the guard hurried into the security center. Olivetti marched toward Langdon, rigid and steaming. Our most secret archives? Ill want an explanation.We have good news, Langdon said.Olivettis eyes narrowed. It better be damn good.56The four unmarked Alpha Romeo 155 T-Sparks roared down Via dei Coronari like fight er jets off a runway. The vehicles carried twelve plainclothed Swiss Guards armed with Cherchi-Pardini semiautomatics, local-radius nerve gas canisters, and long-range stun guns. The three sharpshooters carried laser-sighted rifles.Sitting in the passenger spot of the lead car, Olivetti turned backward toward Langdon and Vittoria. His eyes were filled with rage. You assured me a sound explanation, and this is what I get?Langdon felt cramped in the small car. I understand your No, you dont understand Olivetti never raised his voice, but his intensity tripled. I have just removed a dozen of my best men from Vatican City on the eve of conclave. And I have done this to stake out the Pantheon based on the testimony of some American I have never met who has just interpreted a four-hundred-year-old poem. I have also just left the search for this antimatter weapon in the hands of secondary officers.Langdon resisted the urge to pull Folio 5 from his pocket and wave it in Olivettis face. Al l I know is that the information we found refers to Raphaels tomb, and Raphaels tomb is inside the Pantheon.The officer behind the wheel nodded. Hes right, commander. My wife and I Drive, Olivetti snapped. He turned back to Langdon. How could a killer accomplish an assassination in such a crowded place and escape unseen?I dont know, Langdon said. But the Illuminati are obviously highly resourceful. Theyve broken into twain CERN and Vatican City. Its only by luck that we know where the first kill order is. The Pantheon is your one chance to catch this guy.More contradictions, Olivetti said. One chance? I thought you said there was some sort of pathway. A series of markers. If the Pantheon is the right spot, we can follow the pathway to the other markers. We will have four chances to catch this guy.I had hoped so, Langdon said. And we would have a century ago.Langdons realization that the Pantheon was the first altar of science had been a bittersweet moment. History had a way of p displaceing cruel tricks on those who chased it. It was a long shot that the Path of Illumination would be intact after all of these years, with all of its statues in place, but part of Langdon had fantasized about following the path all the way to the end and glide path face to face with the sacred Illuminati lair. Alas, he realized, it was not to be. The Vatican had all the statues in the Pantheon removed and destroyed in the late 1800s.Vittoria looked shocked. Why?The statues were pagan Olympian Gods. Unfortunately, that pith the first marker is gone and with it Any hope, Vittoria said, of finding the Path of Illumination and additional markers?Langdon shook his head. We have one shot. The Pantheon. After that, the path disappears.Olivetti stared at them both a long moment and then turned and faced front. Pull over, he barked to the driver.The driver swerved the car toward the curb and put on the brakes. Three other Alpha Romeos skidded in behind them. The Swiss Guard convoy s creeched to a halt.What are you doing Vittoria demanded.My job, Olivetti said, turning in his seat, his voice like stone. Mr. Langdon, when you told me you would explain the situation en route, I assumed I would be approaching the Pantheon with a clear idea of why my men are here. That is not the case. Because I am abandoning scathing duties by being here, and because I have found very little that makes sense in this theory of yours about virgin sacrifices and ancient poetry, I cannot in good conscience continue. I am recalling this mission immediately. He pulled out his walkie-talkie and clicked it on.Vittoria reached across the seat and grabbed his arm. You cantOlivetti slammed down the walkie-talkie and fixed her with a frank stare. Have you been to the Pantheon, Ms. Vetra?No, but I Let me tell you something about it. The Pantheon is a single room. A circular cell made of stone and cement. It has one entrance. No windows. One narrow entrance. That entrance is flanked at all ti mes by no less than four armed Roman policemen who protect this shrine from art defacers, anti-Christian terrorists, and gypsy tourist scams.Your point? she said feeblely.My point? Olivettis knuckles gripped the seat. My point is that what you have just told me is going to happen is utterly impossible Can you revert me one plausible scenario of how someone could kill a cardinal inside the Pantheon? How does one even get a hostage past the guards into the Pantheon in the first place? Much less actually kill him and get away? Olivetti leaned over the seat, his coffee breath now in Langdons face. How, Mr. Langdon? One plausible scenario.Langdon felt the tiny car shrink around him. I have no idea Im not an assassin I dont know how he will do it I only know One scenario? Vittoria quipped, her voice unruffled. How about this? The killer flies over in a helicopter and drops a screaming, branded cardinal down through the hole in the roof. The cardinal hits the marble floor and dies.Everyo ne in the car turned and stared at Vittoria. Langdon didnt know what to think. Youve got one sick imagination, lady, but you are quick.Olivetti frowned. Possible, I admit but hardly Or the killer drugs the cardinal, Vittoria said, brings him to the Pantheon in a wheelchair like some old tourist. He wheels him inside, quietly slits his throat, and then walks out.This seemed to wake up Olivetti a bit.Not bad Langdon thought.Or, she said, the killer could I heard you, Olivetti said. Enough. He took a deep breath and blew it out. Someone rapped sharply on the window, and everyone jumped. It was a soldier from one of the other cars. Olivetti rolled down the window.Everything all right, commander? The soldier was dressed in street clothes. He pulled back the sleeve of his denim shirt to reveal a black chronograph military watch. Seven-forty, commander. Well need time to get in position.Olivetti nodded vaguely but said nothing for many moments. He ran a finger back and forth across the dash, making a line in the dust. He studied Langdon in the side-view mirror, and Langdon felt himself being measured and weighed. Finally Olivetti turned back to the guard. There was reluctance in his voice. Ill want separate approaches. Cars to Piazza della Rotunda, Via delgi Orfani, Piazza SantIgnacio, and SantEustachio. No closer than two blocks. in one case youre parked, gear up and await my orders. Three minutes.Very good, sir. The soldier returned to his car.Langdon gave Vittoria an impressed nod. She smiled back, and for an instant Langdon felt an unexpected connection a thread of magnetism in the midst of them.The commander turned in his seat and locked eyes with Langdon. Mr. Langdon, this had better not blow up in our faces.Langdon smiled uneasily. How could it?57The director of CERN, Maximilian Kohler, opened his eyes to the cool rush of cromolyn and leukotriene in his body, dilating his bronchial tubes and pulmonary capillaries. He was breathing normally again. He found himself lying in a private room in the CERN infirmary, his wheelchair beside the bed.He took stock, examining the paper robe they had put him in. His clothing was folded on the chair beside the bed. Outside he could hear a nurse making the rounds. He lay there a long minute listening. whence, as quietly as possible, he pulled himself to the edge of the bed and retrieved his clothing. Struggling with his dead legs, he dressed himself. Then he dragged his body onto his wheelchair.Muffling a cough, he wheeled himself to the door. He moved manually, careful not to engage the motor. When he arrived at the door he peered out. The dormitory room was empty.Silently, Maximilian Kohler slipped out of the infirmary.

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Harriet Jacobs, Slavery, The South, and the Civil War Essay

Harriet Jacobs remains one of the most important anti-slavery figures in American history. As a former slave dark author, Jacobs was very influential in shaping public opinion towards an anti-slavery sentiment.Jacobs was born into slavery in 1813. She would eventually escape into freedom in 1835. Her escape despatch would eventually lead her to Philadelphia where she would not have to worry about being returned to the siemens. (Most matrimonyern cities were sympathetic to escaped slaves) Upon moving to New York City, Jacobs would develop a ain relationship with a publisher named Nathaniel Parker Willis. Perhaps it was this relationship that inspired her to write her seminal work Incidents in the heart of a Slave Girl.Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl detailed the horrible conditions that women faced in slavery. The stories were first published in the newspaper the New York Tribune. While the articles were well acquire at first, the graphic depictions of sexual abuse proved controversial and the serial was discontinued. Eventually, Jacobs work was published in book form. The book became an immediate sensation and importantly shaped an anti-slavery sentiment that surely fueled the abolitionist movement. While the north understood slavery was evil, the pure brutality of it was unknown to most. Jacobs work raised a much needed awareness.But why did the conspiracy embrace slavery in the way it did?There were a number of reasons why the south was a huge proponent of slavery. The most obvious reason centers on the enormous profits that the southern states were able to amass due to having free application. In time, the south was eventually overly reliant onslavery since it was a non-industrialized society. Without the presence of factories, modern machinery, and an industrialized production center, the southern states were reliant on human labor more than the north. And as previously mentioned, free labor in the form of slavery provided the mechanism for this backwards infrastructure.There were many issues that drove the notion of the south succeeding from the union. If there was a final straw that drove the southern states to succeed from the union, it was the election of President Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln had campaigned on an anti-slavery platform. When he was elected, he professed his avouchment that no new states entered into the union would be allowed to be slave states. This led to several southern states succeeding from the union and to form the Confederacy.Obviously, President Lincoln sought-after(a) to quell this succession as soon as possible. However, the tensions exploded on April 12, 1861 when the Confederacy launched an all out assault on the military base stronghold Sumter in South Carolina. More than anything else, this was the inciting incident that led to an all out Civil War. During the initial years of the Civil War, the south was seriously hammering the north as the north could not find a proper strategy to wi n the war. This situation nearly led to Lincolns defeat in re-election. However, Lincoln did win re-election and eventually found the right general in Ulysses S. Grant. Under Grant, the south was defeated and the Emancipation Proclamation was upheld. Slavery was no more in the United States.In the aftermath of the Civil War, the reconstruction of the devastated south began. One goal of reconstruction was to integrate the now freed slaves into society.However, Lincolns blackwash undermined reconstruction and African-Americans would remain disenfranchised in the south for an additional 100 years.

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How Cooking Frees Men †Article Essay

This article explains how the discovery in planning foods has dramatically changed the way we live, and the amount of time freed up by spending less time chewing. altogether food takes much longer to eat than soft cooked foods. The discovery of readiness changed our social division of labor between men and women. The Hadza tribes are foragers hunters and gathers, and now that cooking food is possible, the men hunt for shopping mall, while the women forage the land for anything edible.When the men come back to the village, the women hope they feature meat or honey to provide, exclusively if they come empty handed, the women control the food they have gathered already prepared for the hungry men. The men and women share their food with one another, their children, and extended family. even though my family and I are not foragers, this sounds very similar to the same way I was brought up. My father would make the money that paid for the food, while my female parent would stay hom e to raise us children and cook.She always had dinner ready for my father whether he was coming home from work or home aft(prenominal) looking for a job. Either way, we always had food on our table. There were even summers that we had to pick fruit with my mother on farmers land so we behind have canned fruit stock our pantry. We would forage in the fall walnuts that have fallen off a walnut tree on the ramp of some road, so she can make banana nut bread. As a child I was put to work on several do to help my mother, and that was not the same way my brothers were raised, they would be allowed to go hunting or fishing with my father.Even though my family and I are not foragers we have a lot of similarities with the Hadza tribe and how they divide their labor based upon gender and age. Foragers follow the method of hunter and gatherer, to collect their food. They form small communities of mainly family warm and extended family. The men hunt for food while the women and children fo rage for edible plants. The tribes join occasionally to celebrate things and they share their food.The Hadza believed if a single homo provided the meat for the day, he would divide the food with his family first, and then divide it amongst the rest of the tribesmen. Foraging may have been the way to gather food in the beginning of man (several small tribes still live as foragers, like the Hadza tribe). Today, America and many other countries use intensive agriculture we use machinery to irrigate and fertilize to sum up our surplus. This is necessary because of our population we are not only a few like the foragers. We are primarily controlled through a government, as apposed to moving close to with a village.My first impression of this article was not too great I felt the writer discussed the difference of chew time within too much detail. I understand the concept of less time chewing = more time. What I found most interesting, and gained insight from, was the knowledge that co oking food to make it soft, freed up the time of man. Without that simple action of cooking our food, man would be very different today. Not just time wise, but that was the start of division of labor within a family. This is still practiced within many American families and tribes that still live off the land.I gauge a big difference between us and them (which there are a few tribal foragers still today), they live creating little impact on their environment, while we seem to not care so much about the harm we do to ours. I feel because of more time, we not only have the means to relax and socialize, but we also abuse it. We are not as active, and to some people their social part of life is their most important. So because of more time, people are becoming obese, lazy, and gossipy. That pretty much sums up over half of the American population.

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The US Acid Rain Program Environmental Sciences Essay

When we look around us we see that there has been a rapid addition in the accede of industries disrespect the fact that there has been a lessening in the handiness of scarce resources. The Global Gross Domestic Product per capita has addition 6 times since 1900, bandage in the same clip period the universe & A acirc s population has grown 4 times. Due to increasing planetary demand, the importance of industries in our universe has been on the rise. In order to protect the environment and our universe from being over polluted it is of import that we find cost effectual ship push asideal to cut graduate the degree of befoulment.The dot come complicate plan was initiated by the united States Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA ) in the 1990s to cut cumulus the degree of S dioxide and N oxides, the chief ca routines of acerb rain. This plan focuses on emanation caps whereby each industry or company is given a received grant or honorarium for the burden of fossil elicit s they can fire and if they go over this degree so a heavy mulct of $ 2000 per short ton would be imposed.The Acid Rain Program was established based on the rules that were strike off by the Clean line of business round of 1990. The Clean Air Act was implemented by the Environmental Protection Agency in order to cut down the degree of air pollution. The chief purpose of the Acid Rain plan was to cut down the degree of reciprocal ohm dioxide in the environment by 10 zillion dozenss and convey the degree of S dioxide down from 18.9 one million million dozenss in 1980 to about 8.95 million dozenss in 2000. This was to be done through emanation caps that focused on a lessening in the pollution caused by coal firing power workss. Companies and different industries could purchase the allowances from each other if their ingestion was laster than the allotted quota assigned to them. However, if that was non possible so they had to incur a heavy mulct.Problems Associated with Acid Rai nPollutants such(prenominal) as S dioxide and azotic oxides are known to be the chief ground behind the cause of acerb rain. It is clamant that in order to cut down acid rain, we decrease the figure of these pollutants. Acid rain is known to do numerous jobs with the acidification of lakes and rivers being the most outstanding. The lakes in the nor-east of the United States have been greatly affected by acerb rain. The acidification of lakes leads to angle and works spirit being destroyed as they can non last in acerb H2O. As of 2001, in over 100 lakes in Minnesota all the fish have died due to sourness. Apart from fish death, it too leads to angle non being able to reproduce. These are some of the jobs caused by acid rain which is why it is highly of import to cut down the degree of sulfur dioxide in the environment so we can forestall sourness and protect the marine life. Apart from destructing sea life, acerb rain is known to hold a negative consequence on the trees around the universe. When acid rain occurs, the acerb seeps into the trees therefore forestalling the workss from taking in C dioxide. Due to miss of C dioxide, this leads to the workss non being able to execute photosynthesis which lastly leads to workss deceasing. Germany has been greatly affected where in 1983, 34 % of braid were damaged by acid rain. Acid rain anyhow affects us in many ways. Breathing and lung jobs that affect kids and grownups is caused by acerb rain. Due to acid rain, every twelvemonth in the US there are 550 premature deceases and 1520 exigency room visits. This shows that it is of import to cut down acid rain as it has adversely affected the environment and the ambiance around us. skillful background could spread out The Clean Air Act was introduced in 1963 by the United States Congress to cut down air pollution on a national degree. It was the first environmental jurisprudence that was introduced by the United States. Over the old ages at that place have been amendments and alterations made to the Clean Air Act based on the environmental jeopardies that have affected our environment such as acerb rain. A outstanding amendment was made in 1990 to sign on the effects of acerb rain into consideration. In the Clean Air Act of 1990, the alterations that were put into consequence were related to emanations merchandising whereby companies or workss were given inducements if they reduced pollution in this instance S dioxide, there were proviso made for ozone depletion and toxic air pollution. Apart from this, a new gasolene reformulation demand was anyhow set in order to command and at the same clip cut down the evaporative emanation from gasolene.The Acid Rain plan as mentioned in a higher place was implemented in order to diminish the sum of S dioxide in the environment. In order for this to go on, the jurisprudence that was to be imposed based on the Clean Air Act of 1990 was a two peak jurisprudence. Since the aim of cut downing sulfur d ioxide could non be attained in one goes, it was small down into two stagesPhase 1The Acid Rain plan allocated allowances based on a annual footing and the figure of allocated units was based on a method that was used by the EPA. The first stage of the two stage plan was from 1995 to 1999. The footing on which allowances or emanation caps were distributed was on the mean force out ingestion that was used by companies from 1985 to 1987. The British thermic unit transition lay of 2.5 lbs of S dioxide per million lbs of fuel burnt was used. A major drawback of this stage was that many workss found it easy to obtain unembellished allowances. This could be done by through auctions where the allowances were sold to the bidder with the highest monetary value.Many workss that were allocated allowances in Phase 1 were allocated a much higher allowance than the sum they required. The EPA did this so that all the workss could illuminate in the plan as they had nil to lose. Firms would exp erience that there is no hazard involved in fall ining the plan which is why they would choose to be a portion of it. In 1995, the initial allotment was to be 5,550,231 allowances for 445 workss. Firms were awarded excess allowances for every excess ton of S dioxide they reduced beyond the bound imposed on them. The extra allowances that were allow to houses in 1995 were 3,193,850. The stage 1 of the Acid Rain Program was to last a period of 5 old ages. Many workss and houses took advantage of the excess allowances that could be grant and due to this the entire figure of allowances in 1999 was 16,618,112 which showed that houses were willing to aline themselves with the plan. Good Phase 2Phase 2 was the 2nd portion of the Acid Rain Program that began in the twelvemonth 2000. The sum of allowance that was granted to each works was based on their mean fuel ingestion from 1985 to 1987. The transition rate used this clip was 1.2 lbs of S dioxide per million lbs of fuel burnt. The sum of allowance that was granted to each works was reduced but there was an overall addition in the entire cap as many more workss had entered the plan, an extra 2262 units were made portion of the plan and with the addition in the figure of units, the entire allowance withal increased to 9,966,531 for the twelvemonth 2000. Many units took advantage of the banked allowances that were carried ahead from Phase 1 and this entire amounted to 21,583,540.Despite the entire allowances increasing due to the fact that many new units entered the plan, there was an overall lessening in the emanations granted to each unit. This figure is expected to diminish even more and the purpose of the Acid Rain Program is to cut down the entire sum of emanations to 8.95 million dozenss by 2010.The graph above shows how emanations have been relatively higher than the allowances allocated by the twelvemonth 2000. However at the same clip, the entire allowances that were allocated to each works sum total t he allowance that was banked is besides greater than the emanations demoing that the sum of the entire available allowance was much higher than required.As stage 2 continued to come on, banked allowances were finally used up and workss began to run the hazard of exceling their emanations bound. Since this carried heavy mulcts, it was imperative that companies that owned these sulfur dioxide breathing workss find a manner to cut down the S dioxide emitted into the environment. Many different methods were presented. Some of the most noteworthy 1s areTechnologyThere were two chief engineerings available for workss to run into their emanations mark. A scrubber which is besides known as a fluke gas desulfurization system is one manner in which S dioxide could be reduced. This system is known to be really effectual as mentioned by the Environmental Investigation Agency in 1994 that the scrubber system or the flue gas desulfurization system is known to hold an efficiency rate of 85 % to 95 % . When taking a scrubber, companies have a figure of different scrubbers to take from whether it is a dry scrubber which produces a dry by merchandise or a wet scrubber which on the other manus produces a wet merchandise.Another manner in which engineering can be used to cut down S dioxide is by either fuel shift, intermixing or co-firing. Fuel shift is comparatively simple as you but exchange to another coal that does non breathe S dioxide, blending is when you blend two different types of coal and co-firing is only if utilizing a coal and a fuel and so these two are blended together.It sounds easy when we say that we will merely exchange to a different coal or we will merely intermix two coals that we can happen but the existent issue and job prevarications in taking which coal, natural gas or fuel better(p) suits your works and besides will come up with the demands set by the EPA. It is of import that when you decide to exchange to a another fuel, you use a coal that has a lower S content as non merely will it be better for the environment but it will besides assist you cut down the sum of S in the atmosphere therefore following the emanation cap allocated to you. When blend two types of coal it s of import that you blend high S and a low S coal. This is of import as it becomes easier for the workss to set to a smaller alteration that happens by intermixing two coals instead than fuel shift. Co-firing is besides a method that can be used but is non recommended as it is deemed really expensive.AllowancesAllowance is a method that was really popular during the first stage. As mentioned in the statistics above, we see that the figure of allowances allocated in Phase 1 that lasted from 1995 to 1999 were much higher than expected as EPA wanted many houses to fall in this plan. The fact that many workss were over allocated allowances meant that there was no trading that took topographic point between houses selling allowances to each other as each works ha d adequate allowance allotted to them. These banked allowances were used in ulterior old ages by workss and at the same clip they were following with the Acid Rain plan.RetirementsRetirement is when a works shuts down and can non be used any more. The workss that tend to utilize this method are still allocated allowances until the Acid Rain plan is integral. These allowances are non used by these workss but are sold back into the market at a monetary value whereby these workss make a net income. Ohio based Acme is an exercise of a works that has retired but is still having allowances that are sold into the market.Previously installed ControlsSome workss already have an emanation rate that is lower than the others because of equipment or machinery they might hold installed in the yesteryear which reduces the degree of sulfur dioxide emitted into the ambiance. Installing new equipment or controls that cut down the degree of sulfur dioxide in the environment is another manner to follo w with the regulations and ordinances set out in the Acid Rain plan by the EPA.DecisionThe Acid Rain plan has a few jobs since its debut but it has besides led to the lessening in S dioxide emanations in the environment. The job with Phase 1 was the complete allotment of allowances. The chief ground behind this was to promote houses to fall in the plan, which had been achieved by the beginning of Phase 2. The banked allowances that could be carried down to the following twelvemonth were an added inducement for companies. By the beginning of 2003, these banked allowances had about been exhausted and companies adapted by put ining new engineering and trading emanations.The Acid Rain plan gave companies the pick of taking the option that is cheapest for them, whether it is emissions trading or upgrading to the right engineering. Since its origin in 1970 up to the twelvemonth 2000, this resulted in cost nest eggs of $ 780 million when compared to a method of direct control in which the authorities would each soulfulness works precisely how much to cut down and how to make it. Additionally, sulfur dioxide emanations reduced by 4,531,328 dozenss.Harmonizing to the latest information, S dioxide emanations were 8 million dozenss lower in 2010 compared to the degrees they would hold been at if the plan had neer been implemented. In add-on $ 122 billion have been saved in footings of lower wellness costs and decreased use of scare resources. All this shows that the U.S Acid Rain plan has been a resonant victor.As mentioned above, we see that the execution of the Acid Rain plan by the United States was an enterprise taken by the US in order to cut down the atmospheric degrees of S dioxide in the environment. This plan was a immense success as the end of cut downing sulfur dioxide in the ambiance was achieved. Other states should see this as an chance to follow into the footfalls of the United States. Environmental jeopardies such as acerb rain, air pollution and defor estation have been destructing our environment and it is clip that we do something about it. The Kyoto protocol by the United Nations Framework conference on Climate Change ( UNFCCC ) has been really effectual in contending planetary heating and cut downing the degree of nursery gases. The UNFCCC is an international environmental conformity and the consequence of acid rain should be brought up at the conference that take topographic point. Acid rain is an environmental jeopardy which should be taken into consideration and be reduced otherwise it can hold inauspicious effects in the close hereafter non merely on marine life but every bit good as human life.

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An unforgettable visit to Dubai Essay

As I sat in the car waiting impatiently to reach there, I though slightly my all-time dream coming true, visiting the forward-looking wonder, Dubai.Since the United Arab Emirates were formed in 1971, Dubai has always been the most resourceful, united and modern of all. It has been very famous for a lot of tourist attractions like Burj Al Arab and Emirates towers.Additionally, the highest tower in the world, Dubai tower is currently being built and an above-ground metro is being designed for safe, fast bring around the city and its neighbouring Emirates.As I entered the city, many thoughts rough where to go and what to do swarmed past my mind. First, I went to the hotel I am staying in and checked in. slightly me was a new world, places to discover, scenery to see and buildings to watch.The city was completely modern and the skyscrapers gave it an even more modern look. But, according to the previous Sheikhs halt of view it is not buildings which build up a city but instead know ledge, education and awareness is what matters most.After I left my room, I headed to Al Mamzar park and beach, these place were so natural and although they were surrounded by traffic and pollution, I could easily notice the smell of nature around me. After that I went to the biggest mall in the middle east, Emirates mall. In this gigantic trading centre, I bought many souvenirs and customsal, hand-made goods. One of the most things I liked about shopping in Dubai is that it is completely tax-free. As for food, Dubai provides foods from over two hundred countries worldwide with professionally made dishes by international trademarks. Anyway, I chose to eat tradional Arabic food which I felt was the best I had tasted since years.After visiting Aquaparks, skyscrapers, ancient remains, museums and malls, I realised how lucky I was to be in this wonderful place. The blend of tradition and science. The only problem I experienced in Dubai is that itsa little over-crowded. One of the most important thing I noticed about Dubai and not in other countries is Safety. As I wandered along the busy roads, I noticed that a police car flew past me almost either two minutes.I am really happy to fulfill my dream to visit Dubai and the U.A.E and I personally recommend you to visit this city and experience modern life along with a blend of culture and tradition.

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Gun Control Research Paper Essay

When you hear about all of the tragedies that cod occurred over the last few years relating catalyst fierceness one of the first things that come to mind is how they can be prevented. accelerator pedal regulations could limit the number of shootings and hero sandwich related deaths in the unify States. If we exact torpedos off the streets to obvious result would be a decline the average number of deaths caused by shootings in the United States per year. This is a serious problem that is the reasonable thing to do in order to save countless innocent lives each year. Reducing shooters sold to tribe with criminal records, mental illnesses or to masses where it is a arctic hazard are the steps that need to be taken in gun regulation.The United States has the highest gun ownership rate in the world in small arms the ones that are most common kind found in the hand of a civilian. Extremely important commonwealth in our acress history were killed by a civilian with a gun. Pr esidents John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln also Martin Luther King Jr. were assassinated (Doeden 26). The people who committed these offences were seemingly normal everyday people like you and me but the lack of laws and restrictions regarding background checks allow these criminals or the mentally unstable to acquire insalubrious weapons and cause mass unnecessary death. Gun control has been a political idea since the signing of our constitution. Only a few years after our nation was born New York politician, Rufus King, said That it was dangerous to put arms into the hands of the frontier people for their defense, lest they should use them against the United States (qtd. in Doeden 17). The political, ethnical and constitutional debates of gun control have been going on for over two hundred years. The situation has not become any more resolved over that measure because the debates continue to this day.There is a clear relation to gun control and safety of our friends and family. T he lack of strong gun regulation laws in the United Statesendangers the safety of innocent citizens. In December of 2012 a lone gunman went on a shooting rampage and killed 20 first graders and six staff members of a light-haired Hook elementary school in Newtown Connecticut. The gunman was armed with two semi-automatic hand guns and an assault rifle (Bagne). In the weeks after gun gross revenue spiked which is not the result that was expected and holds a problem in its self. The way to maintain safety in and around our neighborhood is not to have everyone stockpile guns. If this is the mindset of the American people then something needs to be done. Gun restrictions will allow people to go through their everyday lives with a priceless feeling of safety for them and their family. The necessity of caution when someone wants to acquire and firearm is immense. If in that respect is no gun sold into a potentially carriage threatening situation such as a home with many children or with someone who has a history of violent acts then the chance of an nonessential involving a firearm is severely reduced.In order to reduce armed crime in the United States we must apply more powerful gun control regulations. Vice president Joe Biden is one of the most involved and dedicated politicians on the gun control issue. He is trying to reduce armed violence by creating a strict background check policy for anyone trying to purchase or register a gun .The objective of Bidens weightlift is to reduce the risks that are associated with a criminal being able to purchase a firearm with intent to use the weapon unlawfully. In the last year after the Newtown Connecticut shootings there have been more than 5,200 people killed with a gun in the United States (Feldmann).Mass gun related deaths in the United States unfortunately are not an uncommon occurrence. In October 2002, John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo used a Bushmaster assault rifle in a three atonic sniping spree to murde r ten people and injure three others in Washington D.C, Maryland and Virginia(Carter). The point made in the article was that if gun restrictions and regulations were tighter there may have been a chance that the police would have been able to identify the shooters much sooner if they were able to match the bullet casing to the gun and its owners. The situation of armed crime has only gotten worse over the decade since this tragedy and as of right now there is no sign of usefulness on the gun control policies in the United States.The occurrences of mass shootings in the United States in many cases can be related to the mental wellness of the people who were able to obtain and use these weapons. The Sandy Hook massacre was because a man who was mentally unstable was able to take his mothers weapons shoots her then proceeds on the elementary school where he killed the innocent children and teachers (Bagne). Laws need to be put in place in order to treasure our nation from tragedies like this. If there are regulations prevention the purchase of a gun in a home where there is someone who is not mentally stable and can access the guns.An alternate relation between and mental stability comes from the aftermath. After Sandy Hook many counselors were sent to schools around the republic to try and allow students to cope with what had recently happened in Connecticut. Regardless if the students were at Sandy Hook or not there were people who suffered and were traumatized by this event. Gun regulations need to be put in place to prevent guns reaching the hands of people who are mentally unstable and to prevent mass shootings in order to preserve the innocence of the next generation.Gun regulations have become a very controversial issue over the years, but the amount of preventable and unnecessary death in the United States should be enough to force congress into passing laws on this issue. The rise in armed crime, the safety of our citizens minds and bodies should be a top priority. The only way to eliminate these factors is to reduce the amount of guns in the hands of people who should not be handling them.Works CitedBagne, Mary. Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting (2012). Issues Understanding Controversy and Society 2013 n. pag. ABC-CLIO. Web. 17 Oct. 2013. Carter, Gregg L. Washington D.C. Sniper Case (2002). 2013 n. pag. ABC-CLIO. Web. 17 Oct. 2013. Doeden, Matt. Gun Control Preventing Violence or Crushing Constitutional Rights? Minneapolis Twenty-First Century, 2012. Print. Feldmann, Linda. Gun Control Why Vice President Biden Is Trying Again. The Christian Science Monitor 18 June 2013 n. pag. Print.

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Mass Media and Violent Behavior among Adolescents Essay

Violent scenes build become perfectly commonplace among unlike variants of down media that is available to the public. However, the rise of numerous heinous crimes committed by individuals who have been reported to patronize incompatible softwood media which contain excessive furiousness have made many behavioural psychologists and an another(prenominal)(prenominal) researchers to limit if in that location is a direct relationship between the extensive exposure of craze in different types of mass media and the growing of ruby-red behavior among boyishs.This paper aims to provide relevant information that while there is a direct relationship between the exposure of uncultivated scenes in mass media and the development of cherry-red behavior among adolescents, there be a number of other factors which need to be present in order for exposure to violent scenes in mass media to cause an adolescent to exemplify violent behavioral patterns. The paper would present a brief overview of the growth of popularity of violent scenes in different types of mass media.It would then provide factual incidences which have caused behavioral psychologists and other researchers to search for the relationship of increased exposure to emphasis in mass media and the development of violent behavior among adolescents as well as the different factors that an adolescent must already possess in order for such a direct relationship to occur. power as Entertainment Since the ancient times, furiousness has proven to be a popular form of recreation in almost every culture in the world.These violent forms of entertainment range from viewing animals piquant in combat with each other, to different forms of entertainment where 2 individuals would need to physically compete and sweep over the other in order to be claimed as the winner. oer the centuries, violence has remained a popular form of entertainment to the masses. It is presently used in computer video games, movies and television (Felson 1996). Crimes Linked to Violent Forms of mountain MediaRecently, there has been a rise of a number of various heinous crimes committed by various individuals who have been noted to have become frequently subject to various kinds of mass media which have been know to contain excessively graphic violent scenes. In 1993, two 11-year old boys where charged for the murder of a two-year old toddler named James Bulger by beating the young toddler to death on a railway track.This resulted to a number of various journalists to speculate that the violent nature of the crime and the violent behavior inert of these young boys were a result of them watching Childs Play III, a horror film which was released during this time (Holland 2001). Perhaps the most popular case where behavioral psychologists and other researchers have theorized that violent scenes from different types of mass media leads to violent behavior, especially among adolescents, was on April 20, 1999.On this day, two teenagers who have been know to be fans of various violent video games and films which have been eventually discovered in the rooms of the two teenagers who had committed the crime before killing themselves with self-inflicted gunshots (Roy 2002). This was led to a number of research studies to be conducted in relation to the influence of violent scenes found in different forms of mass media and the development of violent behavior, curiously among the youth.The results of these research studies were then published in numerous peer-viewed journals and newspapers in order to make the public awake(predicate) of the direct relationship between heavy exposures to violent scenes found in different forms of media have caused many adolescent to exemplify and exhibit violent forms of behavior towards each other (Gauntlett 2001). Contention to the Study Over the past few years, many research studies have been published which actually contend the belief that extreme exposure of violent scenes in different forms of mass media to have a direct influence to the development of violent behavior among adolescents.While these research studies do not disregard exposure to violent scenes in mass media can induce the development of violent behavior among adolescents, research studies have stipulated that there are other factors that contribute to this. One is the exposure of the adolescents to other acts of violence that have not been viewed through mass media. An adolescent, according to these research studies, can also develop violent acts of behavior by being exposed to various acts of violence that occur within the community the adolescent belongs.Among these are exposure to domestic violence and gang violence, which commonly occur within communities which have a low income socio-economic status (Jipguep & Sanders-Phillips 2003). Another is the posture of psychological distress. Adolescents who have been diagnosed or exhibit symptoms of anxiety and depression brought about by acts of alienation and other forms of victimization brought about by their peers and other individuals would also induce violent behavior to be exhibited by these adolescents.This was the case of the two Columbine High School shooters who have been subjected to alienation and acts of bullying from their fellow classmates (Jipguep & Sanders-Phillips 2003 Roy 2002). evidence Aggression and other forms of violent behavior may be triggered by violent scenes found in different types of mass media adolescents are able to access today. However, it has been determined that an adolescent must possess other characteristics and traits for violent scenes from mass-media to trigger violence among adolescents.Some of these include and adolescents exposure to acts of violence at home or within his or her community as well as oppressive acts towards these adolescents by their peers. It is for this reason that researchers and medical professionals are now able to explain why exposu re to violent scenes in mass media does not affect all adolescents in terms of triggering violence.References Felson, R. B. (1996). Mass media effects on violent behavior. Annual review of sociology, 22, 103-28. Gauntlett, D. (2001). The worrying influence of media effects studies. In M. Barker (Ed. ),Ill effects the media/violence debate (pp. 47-62). New York Routledge. Holland, P. (2001). Living for libido or childs play IV the imagery of childhood and the call for censorship. In M. Barker (Ed. ), Ill effects the media/violence debate (pp. 78- 86). New York Routledge. Jipguep, M. C. & Sanders-Phillips, K. (2003). The context of violence for children of color violence in the community and in the media. The journal of Negro education, 72(4), 379-95. Roy, J. M. (2002). Love to hate the Statess obsession with hatred and violence. New York Columbia University Press.

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Case study of the hydropower development in Argentina Essay

In this paper I would as well as hash out one more parapraxis of the hydropower regulation and assessment. The next country to be discussed is Argentina. This country also possesses gigantic hydropower potential. It has been estimated that the country has the potential of production of 169,000 GWh/year . Argentina relies in its future breeding on hydropower as a semen of si bracing. Thats why its scientists resort to close examination of various aspects of hydropower teaching and pertain on environment and society.Great emphasis is also placed on the financial aspect of hydropower development and legal regulation of hydroelectric plants and dams construction. Therefore, Argentina greatly relies on sustainable development, which can be defined as the process which meets the involve of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs . Sustainable development of the hydropower potential of the country requires deep consideration and cooperation of three basic components economic growth, environmental security and social justice .There are several acts, which serve the legal basis of the hydropower development in Argentina. One of the to the highest degree important of them is The electrical heftiness Regulatory Framework rightfulness, which implemented the case Electricity Regulatory Commission (ENRE). ENRE is an independent item, which operates within the framework of the secretariat of State for Energy. The latter in its do work creates the regulations, which control the work of the electricity industry .The Energy Secretariat (SENER) is the legislative component, which is answerable for the energy polity implementation. Within its frame this legislative body has one more component, the National Electricity Regulator (ENRE), which is responsible for actual application of the regulatory framework stated in the Law 26,046 of 1991 . ENRE is responsible for regulation and charge of whole energy sector u nder federal control, while the other utilities are regulated by provincial regulators.The other important regulatory body of the energy sector is CAMMESA (Compania Administradora del Mercado Mayorista Electrico), which supervises whole wholesale electricity market through establishing the price of electricity, operating the electricity system and the controlling the commercial transactions in the electricity market Very important role in the energy sector of Argentina is disposed(p) to the Electric post Federal Council (CFEE), which was established in 1960 and currently plays the role of the administrator of the Funds, which given to special(prenominal) electricity operations.CFEF also performs consulting function of the National and the Provincial Governments regarding the power industry, new projects and researches, public and private energy services, and electricity tariffs and prices as well as changes in the legislative base of the power industry The National Promotion Dire ction (DNPROM) within the Energy Secretariat (SENER) regulates creation and implementation of programs concerning renewable energies and energy efficiency. The Secretariat for the Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) is in charge of the questions concerning environmental policy.The legal basis of Argentina concerning the energy is Law 25,019 from 1998 and Law 26,190, from 2007. Changes to this law, made in 2007, digest on the national interest in renewable energy sources in regard with the public services. The law states that within the next ten years the consumption of the energy, produced from the renewable sources, will grow up to 8 %. The other main point is that law establishes a self-assertion Fund, which promotes the development of the renewable energy. Hydropower is recently viewed in Argentina as a potential key source of energy.On the one hand its advantages are clearly visible it has less negative impact on the climate change as compared with fossil fuels, its r elatively clean and environment whollyy-friendly, low-cost and renewable. However, not all the researchers are so optimistic. Many of them claim that hydropower plants have a negative influence on surround area and society. As one more proof they point at additional expenses in case of shortfalls . Sometimes, these disadvantages are even overemphasized, which presents hydropower in the negative light, or even present it as potentially dangerous.In the process of the research I found a very interesting fact, showing that such claims for the most part come from the most unexpected source NGOs, the primary intention of which is conservation. However, in this process they see to completely disregard such important aspects of the country development as poverty alleviation, obtaining a invaluable source of cheap energy and promotion of the safe water environment, which can be provided by hydropower plants .environmental and Social impaction Assessment of the hydropower plants in Argen tina is based on the Sustainable Guidelines of the International Hydropower Association, which focus on environmental, social and economic aspects of the hydropower plant construction and operation . In order to develop new hydropower projects in accordance with the newest ecological and social requirements, Argentina greatly relies on five key areas characterized by Dr. Kofi Annan on the World Summit on Sustainable Development in 2002. These five key areas imply water, energy, health, agriculture and biodiversity . Conclusions.So, in this paper I investigated the role of the hydropower as an alternative source of environment, associated expenses and benefits to the society. I also made a review of the history of the hydropower as a source of energy and compared it with the other sources. I made an overview of the legislative base of two countries china and Argentina concerning hydropower energy and their potential of development of the hydropower as an alternative source of ener gy.References ADB, Summary Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Nam Theun 2 Hydroelectric throw in the Lao Peoples Democratic Republic. Manila Asian Development Bank, 2004.Online. lendable at 30 September 2007. Advantages of Hydropower. Online. lendable from 30 September 2007. Atkins, W. , Hydropower Impacts and Trends. Online. addressable from 30 September 2007. Buckley, L. Hydropower in China Public Participation and Energy Diversity, Online. Available from . 30 September 2007 Becker, H. A. 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Introduction to Personal Development in Health Essay

1.1 Describe the duties and responsibilites of make partMy role is to ensure I treat all my clients as individuals, ensuring they eternally feel safe and at knack when I am around and doing my care, I lick sure I read the care program every day for each client to see if anything has changed since I make believe last been in there. I am responsible in fashioning sure all my clients are looked after to a lifelike standard ensuring they are always happy with the care I provide for them, keeping them clean by doing own(prenominal) care and assisting with needs if they need help such(prenominal) as, getting dressed, brushing teeth and straighten out hair treating the individual with respect and keeping their dignity at all times, ensuring they are eating and alcoholism properly and getting enough nutrition in their diet. If needed I will help individuals to handle medication, prompting them if they do it theirselves so they dont forget too.Keeping the surroundings clean and s afe, making sure I tidy up after my self and my client so they are always in a hygenic surrounding desposing of things in the correct way, always wearing my protective clothing close in of cross contimation and encouraging them when I can ensuring they remain independant and empowered. It is my duty to report anything necessary to my manager, if my client is unhappy, if I feel my client is changing or becoming ill I make sure I inform my manager. Lastly I need to make sure I am up to determine with all courses and training to make sure my clients are safe at all times and I am not using poor practice in my school place. 1.2 What standards influence your role as a carer and the way you carry out your duties There are many that influence my role such asCare Standards Act 2000Health & Safety At Work ActManual handling Operations LegislationCodes of PracticeNational Occupational StandardsThe Food Standards ActWhistle BlowingControl of Substances uncertain to Health1.3 Describe ways you ensure that personal attitudes or beliefs do notobstruct the reference of your work Firstly remember everyone is an individual and nobody is exactly the same as you, you may have an individual that has beliefs you do not believe in but you should keep this to yourself as its not ordinary on them to feel as though what they believe in is questioned or wrong and dont let your own personal feelings get in the way of doing the job correctly and work in a way that supports their needs and beliefs. Try to understand the individual a little more, meditateing near their history and their beliefs letting them explain it to you this will help you to enjoy alot more about them and make it easier to know their likes and dislikes because of the belief dont judge the individual for believing in what they do only empathise with them and show you understand and that you respect them and their beliefs. 2.1 Explain why reflecting on practice is an important way to bewilder knowledge, ski lls and practiceIts important because you will develop more on the things you already know and learn and develop on the things you dont know you will learn not to make mistakes you may have made in the past and you will learn where improvement is needed which will make you more effecient at the job role you do and alot more confident to do so in knowing how and when to use the skills you have picked up on and put them into practice. 3.1 What sources of support are available to you for your own learning and development? I can find sources of support inside the workplace and outside of the work place, inside the work place I have I have regular supervisions, this is followed by an contemplation of me in the work place, in the supervision meeting the senior member of staff will commence apart me how they think I am doing, telling me what I am doing right and also telling me how I could improve in my workplace and things I could work on to better how I am at work.There are also regul ar meetings so we can do new courses that have come in or renew courses we have already done so our knowledge is always up to date. Outside the work place I could go to the library to widen my learning ability in the workplace or I could do research on the internet. 3.2 Describe the process for agreeing a personal development plan You discuss with a senior member of staff who has watched you and you discuss your improvments that need to be made and proposals on how to meet those objectives and the activites that follows such as reviews and assesments which you both agree on.

Explore the memories of childhood Essay

search the memories of small fryhood presented in In Mrs Tilschers class by Carol Ann Duffy and Childhood by put-on Clare The memories of puerility presented in the both poems In Mrs Tilschers class by Carol Ann Duffy and Childhood by John Clare are explored in many different ways. One of the ways Duffy explores the memories of childhood is by think the happiness of being a child and creating a felicitous tone. Sugar paper. Coloured shapes. Brady and Hindley faded, like the faint, sick smudge of a mistake. This computer address shows that Duffy explores her memories of childhood to be happy by describing a horrendous umbrage to have disappeared in Mrs Tilschers classroom. Uneasy smudge of a mistake suggests the horrific incidents to have been rubbed outside(a) because it is so happy and peaceful when you are in Mrs Tilschers class room. Brady and Hindleys horrifying antics excessively suggest the dangers of the adult world. It likewise gives the impression that the classr oom is like a different world, a imagine world where only happiness exists.The way Duffy mentions the sugar paper and the coloured shapes also give a aesthesis of happiness because it makes the indorser think of bright colours and activities which are associated with the pleasure of being a child. Likewise, in Childhood Clare also describes the contentment of childhood. On the heaths, in the meadows beside the deep lake, and returnd with disunite clothes all in all covered wi burrs. This quotation shows how happy childhood was for Clare. The idea of nature presented in this quotation gives the impression of blissful children exploring the outside world.It gives this impression by mention the meadow by the deep lake, these linguistic communication are in connotation to nature and outdoor deportment. A sense of freedom is also created as Clare uses a care free tone to describe where the children would play. and returnd with divide clothes all covered wi burrs, this section of the quotation creates a feeling of freedom and cheerfulness as Clare exclaims his clothes were ripped and torn but the care free tone he uses suggests he didnt care and that he unload no guilt because of this, he was just having fun, which explores the idea of childhood innocence.Even though a happy sense of youth is produced in In Mrs Tilschers class, Duffy makes the happiness seem to diminish th raspingout the poem. You asked how you were born, and Mrs Tilscher smiled, and thus turned outdoor(a). This shows that the innocence of the children is starting to pass away. The fact that Mrs Tilscher smiles and turns away, when asked how you were born, conveys a sense that she does not want to come along the children to loose their childhood innocence by telling them such mature things.This is a sign of sexual awareness created by Duffy because the topic of sexual nature is starting to be explored at this stage in a childs life. Duffy also creates a feeling that the children look towards Mrs Tilscher for comfort but they both feel that it is time to move on in the direction of growing up. Duffy does this by making the child try on last attempt to stay in the safeness and secure, safe womb of the primary school. As Mrs Tilscher turns away is signifies the fact that her time is over teaching this particular class. This conveys a sense that joyfulness is slithering away.A rough boy told you how you were born. This quotation shows the rough boy who reveals how you were conceived is another sign of maturity. For children it is like decision out there is no Father Christmas. It gives the impression that life wont be the same again. The structure of the two poems, is different. In Childhood, Clare has created a regular hoar scheme to the poem. O dear to us ever the scenes of our childhood The green spots we played in the school where we met The heavy old desk where we approximation of the wild-woodWhere we poured oer the sums which the master had set. This is a fraction of the first stanza of the poem which shows the rhyming pattern. It has a shape of sing-song rhythm to it, which is reminiscent of the nursery rhymes sang when a young child. In contrast to this, in In Mrs Tilschers classroom, there is no regular rhyme scheme. You could travel up the Blue Nile, With your finger, tracing the way of life While Mrs Tilscher chanted the scenery This quotation is also from the first stanza of the poem, and there is no regular rhyme scheme.But as there are four stanzas in this poem, each stanza raise be say to represent a different area of development. For example, the first stanza represents escapism. You could travel up the Blue Nile with your finger, this gives the impression that you can physically escape from your troubles and actually travel up the Blue Nile with your imagination. This conveys a sense that Mrs Tilschers classroom is a safe and comforting place to be. The final stanza represents base on and growing up. A rough boy to ld you how you were born. You kicked him, but stared at your parents, appalled when you got home. This quotation gives the impression that the safety that Mrs Tilscher provided for you, is now slipping away as you are being introduced to bullies, and people who know more about the world than you do. It conveys a sense that the innocence and virtue of being a child has gone because you are growing older and maturing into adolescence. In Childhood, the final stanza creates a sense of closure. Theres nought to compare to the days of our childhood. This quotation suggests that nada is as good as childhood and it was obviously an exciting part of life for Clare.It also makes the referee feel as if that is the end, there was no moving on to a different stage of life or growing older into a teenager. Clare creates this feeling by saying nothing compares to his childhood better-looking the impression that his teenage and younger life was not as exciting and stimulating as his childhood days. It is as if Clare wanted childhood to be everlasting. Likewise in In Mrs Tilschers class, there is also a sense of closure. Reports were handed out. You ran through the gates, impatient to be grown,This quotation also gives the impression of the finis of being in Mrs Tilschers class, as Duffy mentions reports were handed out, this usually happens at the end of an academic year, which makes the reader think of a new teacher and a new class. It also creates a sense of moving on to another year of school. It suggests that there is more to come of life but not as in childhood, in more of an adult nature. A feeling of finishing is also created. In conclusion, the two poems In Mrs Tilschers class and Childhood have many similar and different references.

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Water Pollution in Cambodia

Cambodia pee pollution Water is really important for every biography on earth, which is one common acknowledge that every one has k revolutionary for a long time. As a Cambodia citizen, the water pollution electric receptacle female genitals make myself to really consider about it. For all Cambodia citizens, who supporting on the water as I saw in the pictures know that they are accompaniment in the really dangerous everyday life. Cambodia reputation is the coun chasten of wonderful that teeming with adventure and so overmuch more that you and I want to see.But come to place to live for the citizen, Cambodia is the country that cladding the biggest stretch out in the country. When I saw this picture of the houses on the water, and how people using that water for daily life, my heart becomes full with sadness, worry about those people. My thought has come with three reactions, which are their health, children, and governments plan. My first reaction was thinking about how t hat they do not know about all the dangerous that they are facing everyday. I personally do not know what is the right question to ask them, if I can need a chance.Too often those areas become the only place that they can build their house, and I do not know what could be their reasons for them to choose that area. There are so many reasons that come to my nous when I saw all their face, but I do not know if all my reasons could be the same as their reasons. One reason has come to my mind when I writing this essay is that they have no choice to choose that place because of their family economy. My second reaction was about their health. Most of people who living in there right now are getting sick from that water that they are using.That water has been polluted with so many sources and come from many different places. The mostly important, the governments do not try to find a way to help them with the water. There are so many ways that I believe that they can do, but they did not want to do it. My lastly reaction was that many organizations from around the world, which are trying to fix that situation. They had been trying to do so many things from the areas such as money, program, and study example for people on the field. I had been acknowledging about some organizations that they are ostly focusing on the youth people because they want those children growing in the safe environment. Do you know that so many teenaged born children are dying because the bacteria in the water? On my conclusion, my country is facing with the biggest issue and we are really needed to fix it. Cambodia is the most wonderful country for all tourists to seek for new adventures, and we need our next generation children to keep our country to grow in future. Water pollution issue need to be stop, and we need to work together as Cambodian to stop it.

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The Role Of Music In A Popular Culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Role Of Music In A Popular tillage - Essay ExampleHamerlinck identities such genre as woman-killing songs based on murder ballads popular during the 1920s. Physical and worked up violence, supported by slang words and abusive language, was widely accustomd by blues artists. With the victimization of MTV and video, woman killing songs became a part of video production and clips. Hamerlinck names such well-known groups as The Beatles, singers Jimmi Handrix and Charles Manson who use themes of homicide and infidelity in their lyrics. Hamerlinck underlines that music does not cause violence but reflect tendencies typical for heap culture songs are not about love they are about power and control (Hamerlinck). belted ammunition and rock are the main genres which base their lyrics on themes of violence and low social status of woman. They show women as light-minded and dissolute persons. Also, a special attention is given to body which is too oft informalized. For instance, in My Humps the singers stress They say they love my ass n or Tryin a feel my hump, hump. Lookin at my excrescence, lump. Paying attention to sexualized body images, this song tends to promote desire for sex which is aimed to satisfy longing. Using such slang words as lump and hump describing parts of her body, the singer (a girl) underlines negative attitude towards women and their sexual attractiveness. NWA (Niggaz With Attitude), Dr.

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Personal Change Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Personal Change - Essay Exampleno longer loved my grandmother instead, it was the result of the fact that she no longer spent so more than time watching me due to the fact that I grew up and no longer needed such a high level of care.The ending to the situation came about right after my grandmother had a stroke. It was at this maneuver that she was no longer capable of taking care of herself and required nearly everlasting care by either a loved one or a professional caretaker. As the situation progressed, I reclused into a type of neutral zone where the feelings, thoughts, and childhood c resortness I shared out with my grandmother were merely a distant memory although a happy one. Due to the fact that she was serious a shell of her former self during this time, it was impossible for me to rebuild the relationship we had once enjoyed during my youth. It was at this point that I made the fateful decision to withdraw myself from her and not spend the time that I would experie nce been happy to spend with her had this numberred during my early youth.Sadly, the new beginning only came after my grandmother had passed away from a second stroke. This new beginning was of course something that I should have realized far sooner but due to my own selfish motives and lack of patience, had not come to grips with yet. Due to my grandmothers passing, I instantly regretted the fact that I had not made a more concerted effort to be with her during her final years. Although I still loved her deeply, I realized that it was my own selfish nature that had kept us apart and caused me to miss out on the very last chance I would ever have to speak with and spend time with my grandmother. As the old saying goes, you never appreciate something until you lose it. In this way, this new beginning caused me to come to a full and complete appreciation for this as closely as purposing within my own mind to not let another such situation occur without me doing all my best to spend the quality time with the loved one prior to the risk of

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Uncalculated Risks Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Uncalculated Risks - Essay ExampleThe above issue takes centre stage as to why licensing is not a compulsory issue for drilling engineers, plot of ground the aeronautical industry requires that all engineers in its dramaturgy be authorise. In addition, the experience of these engineers is in question following the lack of need to attend classes for faculty member qualification. Rather than this, all that is required is experience, and this does not allow the engineers to make sound decisions, as they cannot calculate the appeal of their negligence or lack of knowledge of the technicalities involved. As such, further concerns come up as to whether having licensed engineers would culminate in responsible conduct and decision making at drilling rigs. The exemption of licensing for these engineers is to be thought of again and a sound decision made regardless of the political pressure involved.The serve of exempting drilling engineers from getting licensing suffers to be unethical owing to the lack of accountability to the state-supported and that the said persons cannot stand prosecution. This is because if they are accountable, their accountability is only owed to their employers and the shareholders of the said company for which they work. In addition, the lack of licenses for engineers points to their ability to get outdoor(a) with their mistakes and failures to follow standard operating procedures that have been approved.Mitigation practices would entail passing legislation that cuts across the room on a federal scale rather than state law. This is to ensure that in light of public concerns and their safety, all engineers have undergone training and are licensed. This allows employers to distinguish clearly between unscrupulous persons masquerading as engineers, while they are not willing to take responsibility for their actions as they lack qualifications to comprehend the gravity of their mistakes. As such, having a central