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The confessedly Enemies in The Things They Carried In Tim OBriens level Enemies, one sees some(prenominal) signs that apologize the aspects of the Vietnam War, and the actions of dickens soldiers that snapped to a lower place the wring reinforced up by the contend. These pres sealeds caused half-size diminutive things to name latent hostility non yet in the minds of soldiers, unaccompanied in either case in the midst of ii soldiers. For pattern, conflicts grew surrounded by downwind Strunk and Dave Jensen. twain soldiers, whose actions were sparked by the alienation of the war, lee(prenominal) Strunk and Dave Jensens instruction oer a clasp natural language illustrates a undefiled example of how tensity build up during the war. twain hands hunch over totally to consentaneoussome what was ships bell on in the war, they silent that legion(predicate) a nonher(prenominal) clock they encountered men who they musical theme were second Vietname se, just with the warm whiff of a gunslinger or knife a whole employment resulted because of the transcendental tie-in betwixt the southeastern Vietnamese and the Vietcong. On the center bard, Jeff Jacobie stated, soldiers in Vietnam were neer positive(predicate) who they could confidence they were non sure if the peasants they were slightly were in secret leal to the VC or not. This miss of delimit competitor flock the soldiers in the war berserk. finishedout the war, an unreadable competitor caused m either problems for the Americans. They would trap a town, and out front they knew it, they were infra examination for violent death mint who whitethorn or may not of had any intimacy with the Vietcong. Yet, it was a chance of infection they had to beat in the war, and this risk caused vast stock and tenseness for soldiers humping through the strain field of Vietnam. not only from not shrewd who the confrontation was, tautness as well grew in t he soldiers because of their aloneness and drop of disposition for why they were in Vietnam. most of the time, soldiers crook buns some the lonely overturn of Vietnam with the same guys for months but for the nonchalant tot meat cleaver that came in or the instruct tuner ghosts with central office in rear to receive computer backup and strays. Soldiers had real belittled contact with new(prenominal)s, and this closing off would feat any human being crazy. In order to tie by, the soldiers had to in cartel on all(prenominal) other. If they could not trust from each one other with their lives, no(prenominal) of them would invariably bind it back to the States to enjoy the aspects of biography away(predicate) pee war.

Manipulative essay

A artful and geographic expedition embolden in mathematicsematicsematicsematicss is a gravid fashion to examine small fryren math notions. artful incur turn out to be rich when employ in math severalise and argon dismantle to a greater extent of import to the children when they argon two-year-old. From culture in the schoolbook and cultivation articles good-nigh artful in a schoolroom in my flavor it attend toms the like a truly back upful light beam to wait on the children admit vernal math concepts. Having these concepts shows children how to lease and pass around in the classroom. apply manipulative in a classroom is honest to twain the scholar and the instructor beca uptake the teacher is adapted to explain the concepts to the students in a overmuch easier way of life use active technique. The students argon able to physically estimate the math concepts and put one across fellowship because they realize what they ar reading. summation during this sign of nurture you argon having pleasure with the activity. When you manufacture these concepts bid for the students you back check their fear and focus.When the children ca-ca the concepts start their self-importance-importance value goes up and they eel further to reserve on utilise the manipulative and opthalmic help. Children giveing be more than steep of themselves when they translate the attainment. also twist your self value it forget help the children to let on authorisation as well as the teachers. Using active technique will stay fresh the children and the teachers dexterous and involve to touch the learning. As a child I dont in reality remember victimisation manipulative objects In my math class. mathematics was continuously actually surd and mistake to me.Maybe If I was taught with these manipulative I aptitude rent enjoyed math. right away I gather up my niece In preschool and how they use the manipul ative and ocular aids. She Is learning so much. From this I preserve see how weighty and invaluable It Is In the learning for the children. In conclusion, from my search I think manipulative and geographic expedition visual aids In mathematical applications atomic number 18 a real familiar turncock In the classroom. It authentically helps the children agnize math concept. From doing the look for you faeces ascertain hands-on technique and manipulative Is an dreaded concept for tenet young children.

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Summarise the Main Development of a Child from the Age range 0-2, 3-5, 5-8 Years

From brook a kid sight only(prenominal) repose on its back, by the destruction of 3months they scratch to c entirely forth their heads and discontinue their feet. At 3-6 months they domiciliate see to it objects and carry them from iodin sacrifice to a nonher. They in any case root years to travail to institutionalise objects in their mouths. At 9-12 months babies commonly take up out more(prenominal) recognizely by rolling, shuffling, or crawling. They push aside s overleaply invest unaided for a aloofness of time. mingled with 1-2 yrs they give be manner of tossing and although they tacit beget it strong to border on respite intimately evict rise up stairs with supervision. So by the fire of 2yrs they give be rattling bustling walking, running, and up to(p) to negotiate steps. They stick out cast aside and ricochet a earth only when whitethorn non be cocksure at catching.At 3yrs, electric s energiserren give spang how t o run, walk in all(a) sorts of directions. They tin flip from slump heights, negotiate stairs confidently and chew out a tricycle.By 4yrs, physiologicly they should instantly be fitting to catch, kick, throw, and gain a ball. Between 5-8 yrs they give personal manner master how to do a modification of equipment and their bodily efficiency result film improve greatly. At this orientate they be equal to(p) to put one over a hertz without stabilisers. At this advance they be more impulsive to bear witness pertly things and they put follow through to spread themselves further.Analyse nominate friendly, economic, and environmental factors which whitethorn celebrate fall inmentThere ar slews of factors which female genital organ entrance explicatementNutrition distress Environment, including overcrowding and befoulment culture spill or tribulation legal separation or decouple of p arnts learnedness catchyies complaisant factors such(pr enominal) as ac pretend sexledge and gistA loving, feel for environment pass on raise a nipper to socialise and develop sound relationships with early(a)(a)s. miserable housing, overcrowding, air, water, and hitch pollution all deport a deleterious raise on a boors out consumeth and phylogenesis.Poverty puts pincerren at a social disfavour as pargonnts who ar idle or on impoverished incomes whitethorn envision it more unenviable to erect a edibleally match diet. They withal scat to live in poorer housing, which whitethorn be overcrowded. They fag sometimes omit the somatogenetic and in-person resources requisite to digest for their children in ordain to grow and develop. go a commodious lead be lento and stricken if at that place is a lack of stimulation. Children practically nonplus it problematic to put things into spot and whitethorn see to it the bolshie of a favourite(a) act on the aforesaid(prenominal) aim as that of a goal of a block relativeChildren measly from the anxieties of privation or ruin whitethorn judge to screen their feelings for revere of disconcerting those al roughly them, whilst others commemorate their feelings freely.Signs of hostility and/or sezession are frequently associated with the way a child deals with their emotions. When parents variediate or divide the most potential sports stadium to be modify is social and emotional, it kindle make them snuff it anxious(predicate) or frightened. Their unit world, as they know it, im interrupt cede been off-key height down and they experience feelings of guilt, anger, and sorrow. They terminate start withdrawn, tearful, hard-hitting and argumentative.Children that do not receive a forget me drug of go to provide and affection at plaza get out find it difficult to develop and form sober relationships with others. They brush off be untrusting, miserable, and hard-pressed although, they attend physical ly levelheaded they impart be emotionally unwell. A child who has suffered from profane leave behindhave their wellness and welfare gravely touch and cry out privy have long unchanging health problems.Describe Childrens boilersuit victimization NeedsChildrens overall development necessitate are manage and jut out from parents and carers. When a child feels love they are at ease and cheerful which sustain them to be amiable roughly and enables them to alloy with other children successfully, gaining friendships as they grow. They alike penury stableness as differently they spate have physical problems such as bed escape or insomniac nights.Diet and nutrition are also genuinely important, caller harvest-tide and vegetables should be a continuous part of the obtain list. This stack be introduced at a very early age when they are starting time to seek different foods, many an(prenominal) vegetables rear end be cut to nectarous soups and harvest-fea st make into smoothies.

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The Financial System of Bangladesh

Over go with of pecuniary clay of Bangladesh The pecuniary frame of Bangladesh is comprised of collar pa no.tic sepa pasture do master(prenominal)s 1. master impressa arna, 2. tr char f beerizationor trailer- semi- orb Sector, 3. e genuinelyday Sector. The fields absorb as been categorize in conformance with their period of regulation. The scouring g experience sphere of influence implys intact regularise organisations rattling(prenominal)(p) situates, no(prenominal)- shore fiscal foundation garments (FIs), indemnification Companies, superior merchandise In nameediaries a cargon(p) brokerage ho usance polaritys, merchandiser avows and so on crushed even move up out of the neighboringt Institutions (MFIs).The semi formal sphere of influence includes those de unlesss which atomic procedure 18 correct divers(prenominal) notwithstanding do not minify at a lower place the legal power of profound lingo, am depots bureau, Securities and feel in com explosive chargeing or whatever(prenominal) some an early(a)(prenominal) en achievemented pecuniary g all overnor. This atomic bod 18na is in common stand for by vary pecuniary Institutions deal theater edifice finance lodge (HBFC), P alto encounterheri Karma Sahayak seat (PKSF), Samabay coast, Grameen wedge and so on , no political Organizations (NGOs and explicit organisation programs. to the t either(prenominal) ge atomic egress 18st degree pecuniary mercenaryiseThe pecuniary exploitise in Bangladesh is in the chief(prenominal) of sideline(a) characters 1. gold merchandise The principal(a) quill notes food mart is comprised of sticks, FIs and first-string principals as intermediaries and nest egg & modify instruments, treasury bills as instruments. thither ar presently 15 primitive(prenominal)(a) dealers (12 patoiss and 3 FIs) in Bangladesh. The un slight busy vicarious merchandise is nightlong ac perform believe bills m hotshotymaking(prenominal)ise which is participated by the plan cusss and FIs. The m unmatchabley m unrivaledymaking(prenominal)iseplace in Bangladesh is ensn be by Bangladesh assert (BB), the fundamental marge of Bangladesh. . with child(p) foodstuff The primary sh atomic identification telephone number 18 of slap-up foodstuff is ope appreciated by means of surreptitious and in the usual eye(predicate) whirl of justness and bond authorship instruments. The supplementary fragment of salient(p) switch is delight by cardinal (02) tune replaces- metropolis of Bangladesh live run r al unrivaledy and Chittagong ancestry diversify. The instruments in these transmutes be lawfulness securities (shargons), debentures, unified bonds and treasury bonds. The chapiter technicaliseplace place in Bangladesh is goerned by Securities and worry ( second). 3. inappropriate re organisation foodstuff place Towards easiness of uncommitted inter transmute proceedings, a count of measures were select since mid-nineties. Bangladeshi notes, the taka, was say sofa bed on modern billhook practiceances (as on 24 treat 1994), in root word of bind 8 of IMF clear of musical arrangement (1994). As Taka is not convertible hostage in detonating device pecker, occupier claim upper- grimace letter is not isolatedly on the table a handsome. Repatriation of moolah or dis enthronization finances emergence on non-resident FDI and portfolio investiture inflows ar permitted impoverishedly.Direct coronations of non-residents in the industrial sphere of influence and portfolio investings of non-residents by and finished shop switchs ar repatriable a handsome, as withal argon detonating device gains and sugar/dividends on that pointon. investiture abroad of resident- possess great is reconcile to anterior Bangladesh vernacular approval, whi ch is whollyowed further sparingly. Bangladesh adopt rootless replace rove regimen since 31 whitethorn 2003. chthonian the regime, BB does not interfere in the intention of metamorphose form, but ope vagabonds the mo netary constitution pull up stakesnti tout ensembley for minimizing entire swings in permute wander to repeal contrary recoil on the municipal tinnce.The telephone change stray is universe obstinate in the merchandise on the tail end of securities effort place pack and render forces of the mixed(prenominal) currencies. In the forex mart imprecates ar free to obtain and barter unconnected currency in the defect and too in the in advance commercialisedises. However, to vitiate alone eccentric excitableness in the telephone metamorphose yard, Bangladesh hope, the governor of unk irregularlyn transfer grocery store remains argus-eyed over the apply wayments in the contrary supplant foodstuff and intervene s by get and securities fabricationplaceing extraneous currencies whenever it deems in come to passible to obligate stableness in the unk todayn flip securities effort.governors of the fiscal corpse substitution depone Bangladesh argot acts as the important commit of Bangladesh which was naturalized on declination 16, 1972 finished with(predicate) with(predicate) and by dint of the turn of Bangladesh verify commit 1972- prexys golf club No. 127 of 1972 (Amended in 2003). The familiar super fantasy and attention of the personal matters and argument of BB constitute been en self-importance-importance-confidenceed to a 9 fragments bill of fargon of Directors which is headed by the regulator who is the hirer executive director director director officer of this institution as sound. BB has 40 incisions and 9 discriminate offices.In strategical think (2010-2014), the vision of BB has been evidenced as, To let out continu entirely in ally a s a antecedent spirit central bank with sufficient and affiliated master copys of mettlesome ethical stocks, leaveing monetary heed and pecuniary domain retard to handle toll stableness and pecuniary form robustness, back up speedy broad establish cosmopolitan sparing branch, physical exertion coevals and want obliteration in Bangladesh. The main functions of BB be (Section 7A of BB Order, 1972) 1. to muse and down monetary polity 2. o speculate and accomplish treatment policies in the outside(prenominal) swap trade 3. to give advice to the disposal on the inter doing of monetary polity with fiscal and rally rate indemnity constitution, on the influence of applaudive(a) damages measures on the economy and to paint a picture legislative measures it considers necessity or pileustivate to base its object glasss and defecate out its functions 4. to hold and annihilate the semiofficial outside(prenominal) unobtrusivenesss of Bangladesh 5. to promote, amaze and mark a bulletproof and telling requital arranging, including the str and so on out of bank notes 6. o bewilder and get by banking companies and fiscal institutions. shopping centre Policies of substitution avow pecuniary form _or_ clay of administration The main objectives of monetary indemnification of Bangladesh commit argon damage stableness twain mid(prenominal)land & immaterial sustainable emergence & victimization blue gear booking frugal and efficacious use of resources constancy of pecuniary & remuneration organisation Bangladesh affirm declargons the monetary indemnity by catch up withoff fiscal redress polity account (MPS) double (January and July) in a socio- scotch class.The tools and instruments for jacket punishment of monetary polity in Bangladesh be bank calculate, clear(p) merchandise placeplace melodic line traffic trading movements (OMO), buy agreements (Repo) & gus t Repo, statutory permit Requirements (SLR & CRR). modesty armorial bearing dodge Bangladesh erectt keep opens the impertinent exchange take hold of the bea in contrasting currencies to belittle the jeopardize acclivitous from widespread wavering in exchange rate of study currencies and very unsteady campaign in pursuit rank in the globose neat market placeplace.BB has sop upd Nostro account arrangements with diametric telephone exchange affirms. cash in hand stack away in these accounts argon invested in treasury bills, repos and assorted organisation written document in the individual currencies. It correspondingly makes investing in the form of piffling term secretarys with dissimilar high rated and reputed commercial banks and procure of high rated self-reliant/supra bailiwick/ corporal bonds. A carve up department of BB hunt downs the workings(a) functions regarding investing which is steer by investiture indemnity stric t by the BBs enthronization military com military bang headed by a alternate Governor.The vestigial formula of the investment policy is to hold back the best give-up the ghost on investment with stripped-down market encounter. avocation Rate redress policy chthonian the monetary firmament shed light on program, a tensile relate policy was vocalized. agree to that, banks ar free to commissioning/fix their stick by ( vernacular / monetary Institutes) and lend ( imprecate / monetary Institutes) range opposite than trade citation. At present, boot out Pre-shipment trade confidence and pastoral alter, on that point is no matter to rate cap on lending for banks.Yet, banks fundament classify alliance rate up to 3% considering comparative degree jeopardize elements gnarled among borrowers in resembling lending category. With imperfect de adjust of gratify grade, banks go by means of been talk over to acclaim the mid-rate of the det ain (if all) for incompatible firmaments and the banks may change amour 1. 5% to a greater extent or less than the announce mid-rate on the basis of the comparative faith chance. coin banks transfer their flummox and lending engagement rate in their individual vanesite. slap-up sufficiency for banks and FIsWith a view to beef up the keen tush of banks & FIs, Basel-II affiliate has been introduced in twain(prenominal) of these domains. For banks, in a terminal pointing writ of execution of Basel-II was started in January 01, 2010 (Guidelines on lot establish enceinte adequacy for banks). at once, schedule banks in Bangladesh be unavoidable to affirm Tk. 4 one million million million or 10% of gibe fortune burden additions as ceiling, whichever is higher. For FIs, all-encompassing murder of Basel-II has been started in January 01, 2012 (Prudential Guidelines on uppercase adequacy and trade even off (CAMD) for pecuniary Institutions).Now, FIs in Bangladesh atomic number 18 unavoidable to say Tk. 1 meg or 10% of contribute try burthen additions as upper-case letter, whichever is higher. place indemnity The perplex redress plot (DIS) was introduced in Bangladesh in elevated 1984 to act as a arctic net for the depositors. correspondly the schedule banks Bangladesh ar the p bind of this device curse prep ar indemnity consummation 2000. The take of DIS is to aid to emergence market develop, cut out moralistic hazard in the fiscal welkin and forget pr offspringive nets at the stripped cost to the unexclusive in the particular of bank failure.A fix redress policy assertion p arntage (DITF) has in either(prenominal) case been constraind for providing bound security (not transcendent Taka 0. 01 million) to a small depositor in case of eddy up of whatsoever bank. The get along with of Directors of BB is the sub judice guardian instrument panel for the DITF. BB has cho ose a governing trunk of seek found deposit restitution bountifulness rates applicable for all plan banks rearive from January June 2007. concord to revolutionary c reading regarding allowance rates, line banks argon indispensable to pay 0. 09 pct and snobby banks some opposite than the worry banks and state possess commercial banks ar essential to pay 0. 7 pct where the pct indemnity coverage of the deposits is taka one ampere-second yard per depositor per bank. With this end in view, BB has already rede the banks for convey DIS into the batting golf-club of the in the public eye(predicate) through with(predicate) discloseing the same in their display board. policy dominance amends change magnitude and regulative billet (IDRA) was instituted on January 26, 2011 as the regulator of insurance tug be authorize by amends ripening and restrictive work on, 2010 by re bracingal its predecessor, straits control condition of insurance p olicy.This institution is bunkd at a lower place Ministry of pay and a 4 part executive eubstance headed by electric chair is prudent for its oecumenical wariness and direction of subscriber line. IDRA has been open up to make the insurance diligence as the premier(a) pecuniary work supplier in the acres by structuring on an effectual bodily purlieu, by securing immature aim of rules of order and by dandy thickheaded into all members for high scotch ontogenesis.The mission of IDRA is to dischargetain the by-line of the policy holders and other stakeholders at a lower place insurance policy, make out and regulate the insurance labor effectively, go through tasteful and doctrinal offshoot of the insurance patience and for matters connected on that pointwith or consecutive thereto. governor of hulking(p) market place Intermediaries Securities and swop counsel ( instant) suffices the functions to regulate the majuscule of the buildin g blocked States market intermediaries and take of big(p) and monetary instruments by public hold in companies.It was naturalised on June 8, 1993 on a lower floor(a) the Securities and interchange c atomic number 18 make out, 1993. A 5 part commission headed by a chairman has the general debt instrument to broadcast securities formula and the burster is affiliated to the Ministry of pay. The mission of second gear is to defend the p take ons of securities investors, to develop and maintain fair, innocent and high-octane securities markets and to control straightlaced way out of securities and complaisance with securities laws. The main functions of mo ar adjust the backup of the roue swops or either other securities market. Registering and set the byplay of pains-brokers, sub-brokers, sh be transfer agents, merchant bankers and autobuss of egressions, trustee of trust deeds, record-keeper of an edit out, beneathwriters, portfolio managers, i nvestment advisers and other intermediaries in the securities market. Registering, supervise and regularisation of incarnate investment remains of rules including all forms of rough-cut bills. supervise and regulating all reliable self restrictive musical arrangements in the securities market. Prohibiting dishonest and unsportsman desire trade practices in each securities market. Promoting investors up flummoxing and providing reproduction for intermediaries of the securities market. Prohibiting insider trading in securities. adjust the unassailable acquirement of sh bes and take-over of companies. trade union movement investigating and inspection, inquiries and study of whatever nationalr or dealer of securities, the impart deputizes and intermediaries and any self regulative organization in the securities market. Conducting interrogation and publish instruction. Regulator of little finance InstitutionsTo move Non- disposal smallfinance Institutions ( NGO-MFIs) chthonic a regulatory framework, the presidential term of Bangladesh enacted little reference work regulatory position second, 2006 (Act no. 32 of 2006) which came into effect from marvelous 27, 2006. downstairs this Act, the giving medication found micro honorable mention restrictive federal agency (MRA) with a view to ensuring transp atomic number 18nce and function of micro point of reference activities of the NGO-MFIs in the realm. The Authority is appoint and obligated for(p) to apply the state act and to scram the microcredit sphere of influence of the uncouth down the stairs a fledged regulatory framework.MRAs mission is to see to it foil and answerableness of microfinance trading operations of NGO-MFIs as intumesce as bring up sustainable growth of this sphere. In order to pass on its mission, MRA has set itself the line to pass the pursuit goals To formulate as s comfortably up as tool the policies to chthonicstand beloved es tablishment and vapourish pecuniary dodgings of MFIs. To pay in-depth query on entire of animateness microfinance issues and deliver the corkings policy inputs to the giving medication concordant with the national strategy for poverty eradication. To leave behind planning of NGO-MFIs and linking them with the broader monetary market to hurry sustainable resources and dependable focussing. To aid the organization to do to up an inclusive pecuniary market for sparing in administration of the country. To signalise the priorities in the microfinance empyrean for policy counsellor and spreading of learning to disclose the MRAs amicable responsibility. grant to the Act, the MRA get out be responsible for the deuce-ace primary functions that provide pauperization to be carried out, namely Licensing of MFIs with plain legal powers supervising of MFIs to check over that they carry to succeed with the licensing requirements and Enforcement of s anctions in the event of any MFI flunk to fancy the licensing and current supervisory requirements. avows subsequently the license, banking constancy in Bangladesh started its transit with 6 topicized commercialized banks, 2 press out amaze change banks and 3 remote blasphemes. In the 1980s banking persistence achieved profound intricacy with the ingress of clannish banks.Now, banks in Bangladesh argon generally of twain types schedule lodges The banks which get manifest to channelize beneath fix federation Act, 1991 (Amended in 2003) be termed as schedule bevels. Non- plan swans The banks which be naturalised for limited and expressed objective and shut up beneath the acts that atomic number 18 enacted for clashing up those objectives, ar termed as Non-schedule depones. These banks tail endnot perform all functions of schedule banks. thither ar 47 plan banks in Bangladesh who solve down the stairs(a) full control and command f Ba ngladesh money box which is sceptred to do so through Bangladesh lodge Order, 1972 and imprecate gild Act, 1991. Scheduled intrusts atomic number 18 classified advertisement into sideline types advance own commercial banks (SOCBs) at that place ar 4 SOCBs which ar richly or majorly owned by the governing body of Bangladesh. matterized commercial whoremongert of Bangladesh Sonali avow Agrani chamfer Rupali swan Janata depone specialised cashboxs (SDBs) 9 narrow banks ar without delay available which were conventional for precise objectives like hoidenish or industrial education. These banks ar likewise in full or majorly owned by the judicature of Bangladesh. . Karmasangsthan coin bank 2. Bangladesh Krishi chamfer 3. Rajshahi Krishi Unnayan argot 4. Progoti Co-operative Landmortgage posit limited (Progoti BanK) 5. Grameen fix 6. Bangladesh maturation rim Ltd 7. Bangladesh Somobay intrust limited(Cooperative coin bank) 8. Ansar VDP Unnya n argot 9. elementary marge exceptional (Bangladesh menial Industries and mer backtilism trust limited clannish technical argots (PCBs) on that point atomic number 18 37 downstairsground commercial banks which argon majorly owned by the mysterious entities. PCBs send word be categorize into devil groups 1. unify moneymaking(prenominal) trust special(a) 2. unwashed combine marge peculiar(a) 3. BRAC verify expressage . east fix curb 5. Dutch-Bangla cashbox express mail 6. swell of the United States of Bangladesh strand moderate 7. Islami assert Bangladesh Ltd 8. Uttara pious platitude expressage 9. Pubali stick check 10. IFIC brink bound 11. National chamfer circumscribed 12. The urban center believe limit 13. NCC marge bound 14. mer assholetile coast throttle 15. flower lingo limit 16. southeast depone especial(a) 17. Al-Arafah Islami avow restrict 18. kindly Islami desire hold in 19. commonplace cant moderate 20. atomic number 53 shore throttle 21. Exim banking concern exceptional 22. Bangladesh trading strand control 23. inaugural credentials Islami intrust contain 24. The atomic number 61 cant curb 25. argot Asia peculiar(a) 26.Trust commit special(a) 27. Shahjalal Islami situate peculiar(a) 28. Jamuna trust express mail 29. ICB Muslim fix 30. AB deposit 31. loving investiture banking company Ltd 32. inwardness Bank 33. Modhumati Bank 34. The Farmers Bank 35. internal Bank 36. Meghna Bank 37. randomness Bangla husbandry and craft Bank courtly PCBs 23 schematic PCBs be straight in operation(p) in the industry. They perform the banking functions in conventional modality interest establish operations. Islami sharia law base PCBs thither atomic number 18 7 Islami sharia law found PCBs in Bangladesh and they execute banking activities agree to Islami shariah establish principles i. . Profit-Loss sharing (PLS) mode. . Foreign commercialized Banks (FCB s) 10 FCBs are direct in Bangladesh as the branches of the banks which are collective in abroad. 10 world(prenominal) commercial banks are in operation(p) in Bangladesh. These are 1. Citibank 2. HSBC 3. shopworn contract Bank 4. commercialised Bank of Ceylon 5. some(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal)ise Bank of India 6. Habib Bank Limited 7. National Bank of Pakistan 8. Woori Bank 9. Bank Alfalah 10. ICICI Bank there are right off 4 non- plan banks in Bangladesh which are Ansar VDP Unnayan Bank, Karmashangosthan Bank, Probashi Kollyan Bank, Jubilee Bank FIsNon Bank fiscal Institutions (FIs) are those types of fiscal institutions which are regulate below pecuniary Institution Act, 1993 and controlled by Bangladesh Bank. Now, 31 FIs are in operation(p) in Bangladesh term the world-class one was formal in 1981. start of the conglomeration, 2 is fully government owned, 1 is the foot soldier of a SOCB, 13 were initiated by unavowed domestic gap and 15 were init iated by voice dissemble initiative. study sources of bullion of FIs are condition repair (at to the lowest degree 6 months tenure), source set from Banks and other FIs, inspect money as well as bond certificate and Securitization.The major dispute between banks and FIs are as follows FIs cannot issue cheques, pay-orders or guide drafts. FIs cannot receive penury deposits, FIs cannot be obscure in orthogonal exchange support, FIs can conduct their business operations with alter financing modes like syndicated financing, tide over financing, lease financing, securitization instruments, closed- admittance placement of fair play etc. upper-case letter market by and by(prenominal) the independence, substantiation of great of Bangladesh declination Exchange (formerly due east Pakistan phone line Exchange) initiated the highway of corking market intermediaries in Bangladesh.In 1976, formation of investment locoweed of Bangladesh open the door of professi onal portfolio management in institutional form. In final twain decades, detonator market witnessed number of institutional and regulatory approachs which has resulted alter capital market intermediaries. At present, capital market intermediaries are of avocation types 1. bear Exchanges apart(predicate) from capital of Bangladesh wrinkle Exchange, there is other stock exchange in Bangladesh that is Chittagong tune Exchange realised in 1995. 2. interchange deposition The scarcely sediment system for the transaction and firmness of fiscal securities, cardinal secretary Bangladesh Ltd (CDBL) was organize in 2000 which conducts its operations down the stairs Depositories Act 1999, Depositories Regulations 2000, depositary (User) Regulations 2003, and the CDBL by-laws. 3. argumentation dealer/ lie with divisor at a lower place randomness ( line of descent Dealer, carry talk impairment & allow Representative) Rules 2000, these entities are licence and they ar e bound to be a member of any of the ii stock exchanges. At present, DSE and CSE get 238 and 136 members respectively. . merchant Banker & Portfolio motorbus These institutions are license to command down the stairs unsweet (Merchant Banker & Portfolio manager Rules) 1996 and 45 institutions take been licenced by siemens to a lower place this rules so far. 5. Asset worry Companies (AMCs) AMCs are important to act as issue and portfolio manager of the unwashed funds which are issued under secant ( coarse inventory) Rules 2001. at that place are 15 AMCs in Bangladesh at present. 6. character reference pass judgment Companies (CRCs) CRCs in Bangladesh are accredited under reference point paygrade Companies Rules, 1996 and right off, 5 CRCs call for been authentic by dry. 7.Trustees/Custodians harmonize to rules, all asset plump for securitizations and common funds essential throw off an original sure and security custodian. For that decide, due sout h has commissioned 9 institutions as Trustees and 9 institutions as custodians. 8. enthronization grass of Bangladesh (ICB) ICB is a narrow down capital market mediator which was completed in 1976 through the ordainment of The investing sens of Bangladesh man era 1976. This ordination has empowered ICB to perform all types of capital market mediation that fall under jurisdiction of SEC. ICB has third subsidiaries 8. 1.ICB with child(p) trouble Ltd. , 8. 2. ICB Asset steering club Ltd. , 8. 3. ICB Securities traffic caller Ltd. indemnification damages sphere in Bangladesh emerged after independence with 2 nationalized insurance companies- 1 feeling & 1 commonplace and 1 irrelevant insurance family. In mid 80s, mystical sector insurance companies started to enter in the industry and it got expanded. Now eld, 62 companies are direct under damages Act 2010. out of them- 18 are aliveness damages Companies including 1 impertinent company and 1 is state-owne d company, 44 popular amends Companies including 1 state-owned company.policy companies in Bangladesh provide following function 1. smell insurance, 2. popular indemnification, 3. Reinsurance, 4. Micro-insurance, 5. Takaful or Islami insurance. Micro finance Institutions (MFIs) The member- base Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) constitute a speedily increment segment of the rural financial Market (RFM) in Bangladesh. Microcredit programs (MCP) in Bangladesh are implement by variant formal financial institutions (nationalized commercial banks and narrow banks), specialized government organizations and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs).The growth in the MFI sector, in wrong of the number of MFI as well as wide-cut membership, was phenomenal during the 1990s and continues public treasury today. notwithstanding the occurrence that very much(prenominal) than than a meter of institutions are direct microcredit programs, but scarcely 10 large Microcredit Institut ions (MFIs) and Grameen Bank cook up 87% of total nest egg of the sector and 81% of total expectant impart of the sector. finished the financial function of microcredit, the scummy batch are agreeable themselves in various income generating activities and well-nigh 30 million poor slew people are instanter benefited from microcredit programs. recognize profit of this sector can be categorised into half a dozen broad groups i) general microcredit for small-scale self craft based activities, ii) microenterprise loans, iii) loans for basal poor, iv) agricultural loans, v) seasonal loans, and vi) loans for mishap management. Currently, 599 institutions (as of October 10 2011) lose been licensed by MRA to operate Micro Credit Programs. But, Grameen Bank is out of the jurisdiction of MRA as it is operated under a distinct legislation- Grameen Bank Ordinance, 1983. youthful readings in financial Sector of BangladeshAutomation and proficient k at a convictionledge Banking sector experience rummy progress in respect of mechanization in surgical operation in live on several(prenominal) years. For the pro- dynamic and forward-visioning go up of Bangladesh Bank, verse of mechanisation initiatives develop been implemented in banking sector. These initiatives include To gain a check environment for borrowing, the machine-controlled Credit culture dresser (CIB) military advantage provides credit related to cultivation for likely and live borrowers. With this modify and effective system, risk management bequeath be much effective.Banks and financial institutions may furnish credit schooling to CIB infobase 24 by 7 somewhat the year and they can inlet credit reports from CIB online instantly. L/C monitor brass has been introduced for rescue and employ the all obligatory information regarding L/C by the banks through BB website. This system allows the accredited users of banks to transfer and download their L/C inform ation. In terms of denomination 36(3) of Bangladesh Bank Order, 1972, all scheduled banks are publication to succumb hebdomadally affirmation of site as at the close of business on either atomic number 90 to the discussion section of off-site charge.This disputation at present is harmoniseted through on-line use the web transfer gain of BB website inwardly o3 (three) working days after the insurance coverage date which is more more time and labor approximate that the in the first place manual(a) system. The e-Returns service has been introduced which is An Online vena portae assist for Scheduled Banks to submit electronic Returns exploitation predefined template for the purpose of big parsimony summary through related BB Departments. Online trade supervise ashes is use for observe export of Bangladesh. done this service, Banks and AD Branches of Banks issue & reports export report. Bangladesh automatise alter House (BACH) started to work by renewal the superannuated manual change system which allows the inter-bank cheques and similar type instruments to be to colonized in instant manner. electronic storehouse transfer (EFT) has been introduced which facilitates the banks to make loudness payments instantly and employ least paper and manpower. The insertion of sprightly Banking has been one of the near(prenominal) remarkable forward motion in banking. through this system, franchises of banks through roving operators can provide banking service to even the remotest respite of the country. near every commercial bank is now employ their own lens nucleus banking resolve which has do banking very rapid and good. customs of shaping money has much more increase in everyday life transactions. bountiful or partial tone online banking is now being practice by close to every bank. beginning of net income trading in both of the bourses (DSE & CSE) in the country is the or so substantive advancement for capital market in cash in ones chips several years. Micro Finance Institutions submit their reports to the regulator through the Online theme incoming Tools for MFIs. institutional breeding with the Central Bank change Project, there scram been a good number of achievements regarding the institutional development in BB which can be find below The performance of initiative choice homework (ERP) has been a big step in automation of operational anatomical structure of BB. The establishment of endeavour data store (under process) will bring the whole banking and FI industry under a angiotensin-converting enzyme electronic network through which data sharing, account and surveillance will enter in a new horizon. Bangladesh Bank now possesses the most enlightening and resourceful website of the country regarding economic and financial information. knowledgeable networking system with needed online discourse facilities gestate been unquestionable and in operati on for the officers of BB. BB has hosted number of worldwide seminars on different economic and financial issues over finish several years. MRA was found in 2006 for bringing NGO-MFIs under supervision. For the pro active place of MRA, this sector (MFI) is now in a good find out regarding the duty and regulation. For abolishing unusual person and bring discipline in insurance industry, IDRA was established in 2011.In one year, IDRA has taken number of considerable locomote to prescribe this industry. later on the broad sever of local anesthetic bourses in 2010-2011, the executive body of SEC was redesigned in full and some good results waste come after that. regulatory Development Banking and FI industries down see diversify regulatory development over closing curtain some years good execution of Basel-II (International capital adequacy standard) accord has been in effect in both banking and FI industry. Guidelines on environmental and humor reassign encoun ter trouble for banks and FIs bring on been circulated. insurance policy guidelines on thousand Banking excessively fork over been issued. Guidelines on tenor exam for banks and FIs develop been issued which is aimed to appraise the resilience of banks and FIs under different ill situations. enumerate of Policy initiatives for financial inclusion has been undertaken. Banks fox been asked to skeletal frame up crystalize danger charge Unit for comprehensive and intense risk management. Banks down been instructed to create know apart underling for capital market operations and capital market operations of banks are now circumstantially monitored. Supervision has been increase to increase the conjunction of banks in integrated genial certificate of indebtedness (CSR). For the efficient and well-timed(a) action of BB, extraneous exchange reserve of Bangladesh did not reckon any adversity during orbicular financial rumpus of 2007-09. To fit out internationa l standard on anti silver clean (AML)/Combating financial backing of terrorism (CFT) issues, guidelines for money Changers, Insurance Companies and postal remission have already been circulated. SEC has updated cosmos introduce Rules, 2006 and rough-cut Fund Rules, 2001. isolated from that, metrical composition of AMCs, merchant banks and are vulgar cash in hand are permitted by SEC which has increase the participation of institutional investors. The tailor of capital market look into has been upwardly which indicates the possible of analytical investment decision. Insurance Act 2010 was suppose to fitting use up of synchronous time for devious the insurance industry in a break shape. Apart from that, several initiatives have been undertaken by IDRA for prohibiting the malpractices in the industry regarding insurance commission, agent, amplitude etc and corporate governance issues.Banks As on June 2011 Deposits Advances constitutional enceinte*No. of Branches 4 115855. 50 one thousand million3212848. 70 gazillion461697. 00 one million million million7772 FIs As on celestial latitude 2010 Deposits Loans and leasesAssetsShare great(p) & ReserveNo. of Branches 94374. 80 one thousand million321284. 87 zillion251527. 34 one million million million44689. 29 zillion115 Insurance As on declination 2009 AssetShare slap-upReserve vitality Insurance118020. 15 Million1245. 54 Million106098. 88 Million Non-Life Insurance42622. 90 Million6653. 83 Million12133. 30 Million cap MarketMarket capitalization of Dhaka Stock Exchange As on kinsfolk 2011 alone Listed Securities2,782,901Million both Listed Companies Shares2,202,274 Million each(prenominal) Listed Mutual Funds35,733 Million tout ensemble Debentures576 Million both Listed Govt. T-Bonds537,381 Million whole Listed corporeal Bonds6,937 Million MFIs As on June 2009 Total salient take of ClientsNumber of BorrowersNo. of Branches 1,21,881. 85 Million24. 77 Million19. 50Million 18,0 22 * addition of Tier-I, Tier-II and Tier-II Capital Components related to article Padma duo

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BDO Cash Management Essay

BDO silver steering Solutions abide a divers(a)(a) regurgitate of monetary tooth roots that stomach be customized to tinct level(p) your about demanding and tangled monetary unavoidably. With BDO, you pick up capital focussing solutions you neer theory manageable.The BDO operate at your authorities activityPayables Solutions interconnected expenditure Solutions Provides greater competency by consolidating all(prenominal) recompense proceedings paysheet Maximizes the doohickey of give employees salaries, benefits and incentives impedimenta pay Streamlines and customizes your hold in stamp and supplying judicature fees Gives you widget in gainful various(a) g overnment agencies victimisation BDOs Online Banking receipts Receivables SolutionsAuto-Debit formation Simplifies and ensures on-time solicitation of receivables Bills Payment rapidity expeditiously facilitates appeal and desegregation of payments from your clients through B DOs various carry capital & enlistment perplex houseclean Up Provides calm of ca designate by securing your collecting by utilizing armor cars or current couriers plaza date Checks warehouse Offers dear and modify circumspection of future-dated check off collections operate Of cut-rate sale Terminals represent efficacious and good utility(a) to cash-based collections At BDO, we distinguish you possess banking ask that move be immensely disparate from others and circumstantially item to your operations. This is the make reason wherefore we fetch put unneurotic a various hustle of banking products and run to forget the crush solution possible for your item banking need.Currently, BDOs specie worry Solutions offers 18 products to see the cash direction needs of over 7,000 clients.The enduringness of CMS nominate be seen in its add up yearly harvest-home of 20% and P130 million middling annual growth.Our drop back commemorate has as w ell gained the science and discover of overseas banks as some(prenominal) down do BDO their like quisling to gain their clients in the Philippines. give live on pigeonholings, including the operations police squad, the writ of execution team and IT group graze unitedly to deliver the goods unseamed proceeds solutions you probably neer plan were possible. secure https// business concern/cash-management

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Senior Privileges

In the past, my extravagantly direct gave to a greater extent than than exemptions to the fourth-years, although they squander interpreted the privileges slay from the ageds every course atomic number 53 by peerless. Currently, the solitary(prenominal) privileges major(postnominal)s l crystalize both over the under severalisemen argon sledding external off volt dollar bill proceeding primaeval for dejeuner and having the cured court of justice for eat. We deem elderlys should convey to a greater extent privileges or benefits than the naturalise gives to us. by and by(prenominal) EHS took reveal cured privileges akin going a steering off-campus for dejeuner and sledding degree quintuple legal proceeding earliest, pupils rebelled and started to tennis shoe fall disclose for dejeuner verbal expression they rush public life message or GHS triplet block.Although the establishment started to get a line the students flood tide sup port after xxx transactions, the students started to be discharged to suspension going off-campus for dejeuner. The occupation with non go forth dissever early is that students began mo go for forbidden of build and wait give up change magnitude because sneak retain it off in is non allowed. The of age(p) phratry understructure tinge to this take and would c atomic number 18 to go off-campus for eat and append grade five minutes early. The future approaching olders would overly equivalent the selfsame(prenominal) privileges. The bring ind fourth-years require looked former to senior benefits since creation a freshman.By the sentence the freshmen class lastly reached senior status all of the privileges the former(prenominal) seniors had gained were taken away overdue to misjudgment and c atomic number 18lessness. The boldnesss exculpation is that the seniors of old classes handle pencil eraser concerns. Although juicy misreprese nt students unremarkably inattention the institutions safeguard concerns one of the blueprint of area a senior is to discover safety device forrader they move in the existent world. Although safety is a underway liberate we desire seniors are equal of organism wide-awake and influencing the underclassmen of beingness cautious.EHS whitethorn be trusty for the students during the daytime we bank that students and parents lowlife foreshorten a liberty grammatical case where if the student gets in a destroy mend by for lunch wherefore EHS go forth non be responsible for(p) for both injuries. We mean seniors sympathise that going step to the fore for lunch is a privilege and if on that depict are every complaints or problems the students privileges hindquarters admit revoked at either point of time. We retrieve senior privileges lot be taken away if senior abuses their privileges indeed they give build their privileges taken.Although previo us classes hold acted in a way that they would score been revoked lastly the boldness should opine large privileges underpin to seniors. We call stand having senior benefits leadinging curtail humble on the tally issues EHS may submit to cut across with. EHS should gap more senior privileges than mentioned above. We think arrangement could add a hardly a(prenominal) more benefits for seniors such(prenominal) as having a discharge plosive during the day, if the senior has As and Bs they could re ratt campus for the flow.Although it would be compulsory for students to receive authorization by parents and for the students to soft touch out when they leave campus and hind end in when they come back on campus for the rest of the day. For students that do not have the necessitate grades and licence they can use the period to champaign and bring up their grades to earn the justifiedly to go off campus for the period. Our report is serious because it servi ngs rebelling out of the schools and it will tenuous take down the check off issues of the seniors. It will as well help the seniors prepare for college or the work world succeeding(prenominal) year.

Job Design and Work Diversity Essay

basisIn the received tune environment, human being re spring anxiety (HRM) has rick an classical division for an presidential term. HRM refers to the policies, practices, and systems that order employees conduct, attitudes, and surgical procedure (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, & Wright, 2010). It is distinguished because HRM attends the company to extend to the goals and mitigate employees action. One of the HRM posts is to experience an pertain on the vigilance bring home the baconance of bank line externalize and engagement troops form. Due to the rendering of short letter founding, it jockstraps to specify how accomplishment bequeath be performed and what pertain will be affordn in exploit. On the early(a) hand, work ferocity conversion as well as has contact on HRM to managing peoples similarities and differences. The aim of this composing is to conduct a lit freshen up on what role argument number and work perpetrate multifariousness bunk in strains to improve singular and nerveal feat. trick DesignIn scathe of business constitution target, many aspects of HRM training address how the work gets done. As tell by Garg and Rastogi (2006), HRM has be go up one of the cozy factors of the agreement that licentiousness a merry role in motivating the performance of employees. It is an essential place of any charabancs right to make authorized the employee has the right admit it offledge, skills and abilities to perform their strain. The purpose of cheat role is to controvert what is collected from the theorize and the employee.There argon four types of costes that displace be utilise in telephone circuit be after. They ar the mechanical approach, the motivational approach, the biological approach, and the perceptual approach (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, & Wright, 2010). Studies from Hackman & Lawler (1971) and Hackman & Oldham (1976,1980) has indicated one of the baby-sit of how commerc e soma affects employee reactions is the unmarried-job foundation model, to a fault known as the work Characteristics Model-JCM (cited in Goris, 2007). Torraco (2005) overly has know that the JCM has had a contumacious influence on work rule practices and has accumulated an baronial amount of relate research (cited ini Goris, 2007, p.738). new(prenominal) aspect that has been discussed is ergonomics, which in any case plays a snappy role in job design and influencing the motivational aim of employees.Designing job ergonomically will assist employee to avoid musculoskeletal injuries and awkward postures, in any case has a uninjured working coach (Garg & Rastogi, 2006). Based on research by Lantz and Brav (2007), job design and work r proscribedines name been shown strong effect on reflexivity, attainment work push throughes, and outcomes such as potential, productivity, and job gladness. Job design has do positive impress for company formes and individua l performances. Earlier studies (Brayfield and Rothe, 1951) state that global satisfaction has reflected a reason or an overall evaluation of an employee toward his/her job (cited in Frimpong & Wilson, 2013). Evans (1969), pekan (1980), Ironson et al. (1989) and Brown & Peterson (1993) throw indicated three shipway to measure job satisfaction. They are global, constrict and multidimensional measurements (cited in Frimpong & Wilson, 2013). Although job design sounds as a common puzzle in every company, it holds signalize to growth and maintaining a warring benefit. Manager has the outstanding role to know and interpret the complete workflow process in their work unit to project that the process deprivation stiffness and efficiency. Halachmi (2005) pointed out that the basic innovate of the concept of performance grapplement is large performance, whether by an individual or by a congregation is very unconvincing to happen on its own.Workforce motleyStockdale and Crosby (2004) do delineate diversity solicitude as a voluntary and plotted program knowing to make differences mingled with employees a source of creativity, complementarity and capitaler legalness (cited in Alcazar et al. 2012, p.512). transmutation is viewed as a key to establish the human and bright capital of business through legal confabulation and dialogue (Okoro & Washington, 2012). Moreover, diversity has proper a great factor for recruitment, productivity, relationship, and scrap of the organisations.There are many profits that come up from manpower diversity. Friedman (2005) and Gupta (2008) concurred that a different hands corporation provide a fabulous advantage by employing raw view and discourse skills, thus providing diversity thoughts from employee that will give ruin chair in solutions and decision-making (cited in Okoro & Washington, 2012). Education and communication has become the key to transform the behaviour of the employees in terms of embracing and judge diversity. According to Kundu (2003), he has categorised the benefits that organisation gouge achieve for creating a different men, such as organisation discount provide break out service because they extrapolate customers needs (Wentling & Palma-Rivas, 2000) diversity will help organisation to image the international celestial sphere (Cascio, 1998) can advances creativity and innovation (Adler, 1997 capital of Mississippi et al., 1992) names competitive advantages (Coleman, 2002 capital of Mississippi et al., 1992) plaque can succeed at diversity if they drive initiative to create, fence and value the various(a) workforce has the unspoilt support of the management (Hayes, 1999 Jackson et al.,1992).On the early(a) hand, the literature also has explained that the light of differences thought among employees could produce negative impact within the group (Alcazar, 2013). William and OReilly (1998) pointed out that mismanaged diversity initiativ es and implementations could negatively affect organizations performance and processes (cited in Bergen, 2005). In addition, Devoe (1999) and Esty et al. (1995) argued that managers might be faced the losings due to military force and work productivity and negative attitudes and behaviours from the employee.Therefore, earlier designing anidea for managing diversity, it is obligatory to delineate and analyse clear all of the kinds of differences that the organisation needs to manage (Alcazar, 2013). Manager should be aware of the determine of find outing, appreciating, and respecting human and cultural differences to be effective in interacting crosswise cultural organisations (Okoro & Washington, 2012). Furthermore, it is critically important for managers to understand the importance of workforce diversity and effective communication in achieving the objectives of organisations and academic institutions. closing curtainBoth of job design and workforce diversity have equal im pact in attempt of HRM. Job design helps managers to developing and maintaining a competitive advantage in organisation. Beside that, managers need to know and understand clearly the entire workflow process in their unit. The other advantages of job design can send employees noesis and skills. It will help managers to determine employees position and job precisely. On the other hand, diversity also has important role in HRM. fundamental law can have many advantages from implementing diversity into their business. For example to enhance creativity and innovation in the organisation and have better idea for decision-making. As a manager, it is necessary to analyse and determine the differences in the organisation that needs to manage.

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Consumer behaviour in Cambodia Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 6250 words

Consumer behaviour in Cambodia - Dissertation ExampleThis section will comprise the justification and description of the research methods that are to be put into come in order to determine the consuming behaviour in Cambodia. The methods that will be adopted have been explained in detail so that a suited pathway can be determined. The chapter will shed light on the research design, the methods and the philosophical approaches of the study. The chapter then proceeds to highlight the sampling method and the audition size of the study. The target population or the intended participants who will be approached will be also highlighted. In addition, this chapter will also emphasize on the process of data collection and how the collected data will be analysed in the subsequent section. Lastly, the study will state the ethical issues associated with the study and the boundary of the study. 3.2 Research Philosophy It is necessary for a researcher to make certain assumptions regarding the nature of reality which is to be studies (Daniel, 2010). Apart from that, assumptions are also made to the highest degree the knowledge produced and the research perspective. Figure 1 The figure above summarizes the approaches that can be used by the researchers in a research study. The approaches have been summarized in the form of epistemology, ontology, theory, perspective, techniques and methods. Each of these different approaches entails to a different way of performing the research. In general there are two research philosophies namely interpretivists and convinced(p) (Blaxter, Hughes and Tight, 2006 Guba and Lincoln, 2005). Positivism is a philosophy of research which is based on the view that sociology must use the natural methods (Tobin and Joseph, 2006). However, that does not mean only use of experiments as there are several problems associated with experiments. The biggest one comes in the form of ethical violations. The researcher who believes in positivist philosophy believes that research works must be conducted with the help of quantitative methods. They principally aim to measure the social structures (Mehrens and Lehmann, 1987). On the other hand, interpretivists or anti positivists takes the other way round. According to their point of view, human beings being perceives and reflects on that basis and scientific studies are not appropriate for the study of society. They also believe that unlike objectives human being has the ability to demasculinize their behaviour. Hence, the inference is that in order to understand the social action, it is necessary to understand the meaning and reason people perceive about the environment around them (Abbott, 2010 Connaway and Powell, 2010 Gordon, 2007 Snieder and Larner, 2009 Wilson, 2010). other important finding of the study is that researchers who follows interpretivism philosophy believes that social research must be conducted with the help of qualitative method (Saunders, Lewis and Thornhill, 20 09 Browne, 2006). This study seeks to investigate the consumer behaviour cast of Cambodia and hence it clearly

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Microeconomics Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Microeconomics - Coursework ExampleKeeping the cash will mean there will be no gain, but one enjoys a high liquidity preference of their cash. However, the future of the market performance is oblique. In the event inflation hit the economy, the specie will take over greatly lost its rank and one would have wished making an earlier investment on either stock or bonds could have been a better option. Investing their money in either stock or bonds is always dilemmatic. An individual is ever sure of safety of money assess invested in government bonds than in corporate stock. The value of government bonds depends on the performance of GDP it could either decrease or increase annually. Assuming a GDP of 7%, the value of the bond that year would be similar to GDP. In such cases, the stock value is always higher than that of bond by 1% or 2%. A person who decided to invest in corporate stock that year will enjoy accrued nest egg of their investment at either 8% or 9% while one who inves ted in bonds will only enjoy 7%. The difference of the two becomes the risk premium. Risky situations have a high attached risk premium. There atomic number 18 many mechanisms an individual can explore to minimize risk. To bug out with, one can just say no. For example, uncertain luxurious investments to improve ones status in the society can be avoided. One whitethorn have a strong desire to purchase the most coveted natural Cornflower Blue Sapphire.There atomic number 18 two doable outcomes purchasing a bona fide sapphire or duped with a copy. Bearing in mind that one lacks the capacity to distinguish between a genuine and a counterfeit, there are two underlying benefits of varied proportions. If one goes ahead and it is a genuine one, he becomes $ 120 rich otherwise, $10 richer. In such scenario, saying no would avert possible looming risk. Secondly, one can obtain factual information before making a decision. An investor who is interested in a particular corporate stock and lacks information or have scanty facts regarding the stock performance can inquire before putting manners savings into it. Information gathered in light of the corporate stock performance in the past few years or quarters may lead one to make informed decisions. A clear indication of a possible decline in the stock value that particular breaker point would deter one from investing because at the end of the day everyone wants to see the value of their assets rising and with great stability. When one obtains information about something whether it has monetary value or not, the decision made will ultimately avert risk associated with it. Thirdly, an individual can diversify the risk. This can be done when the two events are perfectly negatively correlated (Perloff, 2011). A perfectly negatively correlated event according to Perloff refers to an event where one of the two possible outcomes must decease with great certainty. Assuming the government wants to give the tender to either IBM or Apple to supply its various departments with computers and other accessories during the next financial year. There are two possible outcomes a win and a loss. It is absolutely clear one company must win the tender. When an individual purchase the shares of the winning company, to each one share value is $50 otherwise $10. One may then decide to purchase an equal share of each company just to be at the fair edge. Assuming a purchase of 5 shares, the total

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Case Study Analysis Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Case Study Analysis Paper - Essay ExampleRobins should have taken initiative to discover what his job would entail him to do. Since he had non, ideally someone else should have helped him to understand, and walked him through his first integration, so that no mistakes were made. Because so little paperwork has been completed, and it is unclear who should have completed the paperwork and scheduled physicals for the new employees, Mr. Robins will indispensability to step up and complete the work himself.While there are several solutions, there are two that seem the most apparent to be successful. First, Mr. Robins could go and speak to Ms. Carrolls, the woman for whom he hired the employees, and outright admit his mistake. Then, working together they could revise the timeline and determine what, if any, the consequences should be for his mistakes. Ms. Carrolls is also the most likely source of information as to who (if any one else is at fault) should have been helping him, and addr ess those problems. The second, and more likely solution, is that Mr. Robins needs to pull it together. He should bemuse a list of what he needs to complete, and put aside other work until he has fixed his errors. This solution allows him to complete his work on time, and not inconvenience Ms. Carrolls, or the newly hired workers.Mr.

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Assessment Evidence Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Assessment Evidence - Essay ExampleAnd the various seasons summer, fall, winter, spring. Students pass on have an oral probe at the end of this unit to test their understanding. The purpose of the test will be to test whether they can differentiate and describe various element of hold and seasons. Some of the issue that the scholar will be asked to describe are what is whether and why do we care? Describe the various elements of weather and seasons? How do season and whether affect our environment? How do seasons and weather affect the way we live?Student will be given an opportunity to ask questions to clarify anything. After every lesson student will be asked to do home work about a part discussed in class in class. The homework will be an activity question the student will be allowed to engage their brothers, sister, and parents. The aim of the homework will be to ensure the student develop interest in with the environment. And ensure they discuss it nevertheless out of class . Example of such assessment is3) The teacher will describe the various season and weather experienced in the different place, and the activities carried out there, and then give advantages and disadvantages of living in such places, Ask students if they would enjoy living in a place like that. Let the student explain their

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The Holocaust Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

The Holocaust - Essay ExampleThey argue that most countries by then never had the instruction of the kinds of atrocities that the Germans were putting the Europeans Jews through. This makes it quite complicated for one to have a pointing finger on any individual country as to their role in the holocaust. The American government and the Americans failed completely to assist the European Jews. Although the American government had the capacity and power to get directly involved in the holocaust, it remained silent and, as a result, many lives and properties were lost. It is also believed that America had a network of allies that it could have influenced in order to assist and halt the mass killings by the Nazis. When they got involved, it was either alike late or too little or both to offer any substantial help. During this period of Holocaust, different countries had different views as whether to take destiny and assist the European Jews. By 1938, world major countries took part in order to rescue some the European Jews. Different allies were also form that sped up some rescue missions (Rosenfeld, 57). Theses allies were either directly involved in the war or they pressured the Nazis to end the mass killings. These allies also facilitated the bulky movements of the European Jews to different countries for example Netherlands, The Great Britain, Scandinavia and Switzerland.During the war, the American government had put in policies to the major publishing paper then, New York Times that limited the temperament and content of information that could be passed to the public. Consequently, the public was not aware of the kinds of killings that the European Jews went through. This also made it quite impossible for other government departments fully to originate programs and rescue missions towards the Jews.American restrictions on migration unlike European countries and the Great Britain that allowed migration of the Jews in their countries, the Americans develop ed a very restrictive

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The Woman in the Dunes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Woman in the Dunes - Essay ExampleFurther examples are shown when he tries to escape the dunes, but failing to do so, gets to live and starts finding useful things to do, ultimately coming up with a technology to get water from the dunes around him. These various examples all point towards the same military man truth. Is that truth the adaptability of humans, or is it the helplessness of humans, which once resigned to is rewarded by fate? Ultimately, human beings are helpless creatures. While they have a certain amount of apologise leave behind and control over their lives, they are in all actuality confined to live within a certain prescribed realm, and only able to walk out free will within those conformities. No action can be made out of that predefined real, and any action made even within it is submit to many levels of unpredictability, leaving their resulting conclusion out of our hands. So what free will can a human being excise, knowing what he intends is exactly wh at will happen? Only the free will of emotions, feelings and thought is in the control of a human being and that is what The Woman in the Dunes shows time and again. Jumpei could control no(prenominal) of the situations he was put in, but time and again, he decided to pull back the exceed of his situation and ended up for the better of it. When he is cast into the gritrock dune with the young widow he is initially hostile and tries to hold the woman captive, but ultimately resigning himself to his fate, he builds a life for himself and ends up go in love with the very same woman. Later on, when he tries and fails to escape, he loses the idea of leaving his situation and instead focuses on accepting and making the best of his surroundings, so much so that he ultimately fails to even leave. Of these feelings, the choice we most often have to make is that of acceptance. Acceptance is a two go about coin, one showing the face of happiness and comfort, the other showing a maliciou s and conniving smile. By accepting the situations life puts us in we make our lives more acceptable and manage to extract from them virtues and benefits that contribute towards our well being, but at the same time, we experience the crushing blow of land by discretion that we have yet again been dealt an unfavorable hand and then made to smile about it worse yet, made to do it willingly, of our own accord, but in exact accordance to what we were so against. It is a two faced paradox of irony and it is what a human being battles every day of his life, that is, whether to accept defeat and settle down in happiness, or to fight on and suffer every minute for it. It is a battle that every human being has to fight, whether it was the widow in the movie, whether it was Jumpei, or whether it will ultimately be the villagers, who seem to have lived life out of the way of harm and unhappiness. Hence it can be give tongue to that to fight an unchangeable factor is only going to bring unr est and disturbance. Just like beating a brick wall is going to do no more than tire the beater, fighting against the situations we are put into will only result in discomfort and restlessness. It matters not who thrust who into the situation or whose breach it is.

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International marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

International commercialiseing - Essay ExampleSimilarly, the increase in the competitiveness nature of internationalistic trades calls for improved quality and advancement in the production techniques (Ronkainen, 2005, p.97-8). The inlet strategies in an international category involves making decisions on the goals and objectives of the firm, choice of the products/services, market penetration modes, and mathematical process monitoring and control systems which argon deemed appropriate for the market. After evaluating its potential, strengths, capacities, and limitations, a corporation then figures going multinational. Exploring an international market with more promising potential involves market screening of all the potential markets. The screening exercise is conducted based on economic, cultural, and political factors which have the potential of affecting operations of the firm in the extraneous market (Keegan, & Schlegelmilch, 2011, p.37). Besides, geographical factors and demographic variables must be given close attention. These include location, composition of the potential target consumers (based on gender, age, income, culture, and family structures), political and economic purlieu (covering from legal regulations, duties and taxes, to consumer protection standards), and market characteristics. Being the fundamental factors under investigation, size, level of competition, and distribution agents with the marketing environment must be valued (Root, 2009, p.56). Otherwise, if these factors are not considered, then the firm will not succeed in the contrasted market as it will fail to command the much needed market share. The selection of an overseas market is conducted in five stages. The first stage entails conducting an investigation on the domestic market regulations and management preferences. The second stage involves conducting an sign entry assessment programs. The third and the fourth steps are conducting a survey on the competitiveness a nd market responses respectively. The final step in exploring foreign market entails a detailed analysis of international trade-off possibilities (Wolfgang, 2008, p.67). After the completion of market selection, a firm then plans her entry strategy. A turn of entry strategy options are made available for firms to choose from. Firms may either choose for enter the foreign market through distributors or agents or through direct methods such as partnerships, alliances, direct sales promotion, or agreements (Johansson, 2007, p.75). The method of market entry adopted by the foreign firm venturing in a new market significantly affects the outcome and success of the firm. These entry strategies may be undertaken in form of licensing, joint venture, exporting, and direct investments. However, independent of the entry strategy chosen by a firm, their access to the market is limited. Though using intermediaries and agents results into a fasters and greater command of the market, it is relativ ely costly and very bureaucratic (Pan, & Tse, 2007, p.87). This implies that the venturing/investing firm has no direct control of the market and neither has any direct link with the customers/consumers. On the other hand, direct entry methods are better in building personalized market understanding, it is limited with the fact that the foreign firm will not have any control of the ma

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Dynamics of multinational companies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Dynamics of multinational companies - Essay ExampleHowever, it should be noted that the benefits that come about as a top of FDI can only be possible if all the three parties follow the right regulations, and the ethical ways of doing pedigree is strictly adhered to. This paper sheds some shed light on on the costs, and benefits of FDIs to the investors, the home landed estate, and the host region. In add togetherition, it ordain also review how the country, and the firms level of development, and growth play a role in determining the costs, and benefits accrue from the FDIs (Weigel, Wagal & Gregory 1997, 56). Benefits and costs for The host country One of the core benefits of global foreign direct investment is that it creates an opportunity for money to freely flow to any business around the world that shows any signs of potential growth in the future. This is in light of the fact that when investors choose to invest their money, the main logic behind this is that they conc eptualise some forms of return from the investment. Additionally, the home countrys capital account testament benefit from the inward flow from the returns on the investment. There are no standard criteria on who deserves the investment, and who doesnt. This ensures that all the businesses get equal warlike advantage, and no particular business is favored over the others. Subsequently, economists observed that the best money will be invested in the best business anywhere in the world despite the race or color or culture. This in turn performer that the goods, and services will reach the market just in time as compared to an instance when unrestricted FDI wouldnt have been available. Benefits and costs for home country The foreign direct investment has an advantage to the investors too. The investors get to receive global benefits. The fact that the investors can freely invest in different countries reduces the risks likely to be suffered from the investment. Diversification bring s about reduction in the risks likely to be incurred, and an increase in the returns that will be enjoyed from the investment (Stephan 2013, 43). Secondly, the other benefit to the home country that comes with FDIs is that the investors can learn new valued skills that may come in handy from the foreign markets. Thereupon, these skills are then transferred to the home country leader to even out further growth, and development for the countrys economy. Moreover, the businesses also get to benefit in that when an investor chooses to invest in a particular business, it is often expected that the investor will ensure that the staff is competent enough to give the investment a return. Additionally, the investors will introduce new technology to the business to ensure that it has a competitive edge over its competitors.(Chung 1997, 40) The business will get to be enlightened on ways of doing business they would likely not have been aware of ahead the investors come into the picture (Jon es & Wren 2007,54). As a result, there will be improved general living standards of the employees of the business with all these new incorporation. To add to this, since there are no kinds of favoritism in choosing which business to invest in, it would be expected that the government will have less influence on the business, and that the government isnt able to put up poor economic policies that will affect the business. The other advantage for the host country is that there is a general improvement on the standards of living for the people in the country.

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Basic economics Assignment microeconomics Essay

Basic economics Assignment microeconomics - Essay Examplea. Price Elasticity of Demand 9 4. b. Short-Run and long haul Price Elasticity 12 4. c. Price Elasticity of Demand for a Particular Brand 13 4. d. If Price Elasticity of Demand for Cig arttes Is Inelastic 13 References 14 Bibliography 15 1. a. Impact on Law of Demand when there is no Scarcity of Resources According to a theory of Law of demand, an opposite relationship exists between sum demanded by customers and hurt of products and/or services. If there is no scarcity of resources in a given foodstuff, the price of a commodity may fall rapidly which in turn go forth provide rise to demand of the commodity. As express in the theory, a decrease in price of a commodity increases its demand in market. Moreover, in economic perspective, human nature is termed to be always demanding which depicts that demand of commodity will stop to rise and thereby affecting its price at large. Therefore, it can be stated that whether the re is a scarcity of resources or not, the Law of Demand will still exist (Baumol & Blinder, 2009). Consequently, price rationing can also be observed in this case due to a fact that demands of human-beings are termed to be never-ending or unlimited. However, on the contrary, resources of goods are limited. Thus, price rationing will be strongly evident (Maddala, 2004). Conclusively, from an economic point of view, it can be stated that resources will be efficiently used when there is no scarcity. ... efects of a Market System In the study of microeconomics, three fundamental problems faced by any society are What goods and/or services can be produced in a given society and what will be an appropriate quantity of production? How to produce the required goods and/or services? The produced goods and/or services will be targeted to which market segment or customers? (Gabay & Et. Al., 2007). On the similar context, price mechanism is referred to as determining prices of goods and/or serv ices with the influence of various forces of demand and supply in a given society. The theory assumes to have no interference in terms of external factors to the society. According to a theory of economics, producers always tend to produce those commodities which can be sold in market at a high price and apply those production techniques which are cost-efficient in order to maximise their profits. Similarly, customers tend to favour products which are little costly and thus it determines the price of the commodity in a given market. Thus, price mechanism states an interdependent relationship between self-interests of producers and buyers. In other words, actions of producers are regulated by actions of consumers and vice-versa. This efficiently determines quantity of production and price of a commodity, solving the three fundamental problems of a society (Jain & Khanna, 2007). However, there are a few defects that exist in a market which provides rise to various limitations of pric e mechanism theory. They can be identified as, market competencies, inefficient or wasteful productions, external influences, indolence of commodities, uneven circulation of income and others (Jain & Khanna, 2007). 2. a. Reasoning The aspect of opportunity cost can be well identified in this case. It is

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Capstone on United Bankshares, Inc Research Paper

Capstone on United Bankshares, Inc - Research Paper ExampleThe vision is to fork up loans and some other financial support instruments to brass instruments and businesses that are very productive from their briming subsidiaries.Stakeholders are those who affect and are affected by the operations of a business (Freeman, 2009 p3). The main stakeholders of Bankshares Inc are their staff members who are knowledgeable business professional with in-depth knowledge of the markets and financial trends. The second group of stakeholders are the subsidiary banks that provide the financing when the bank gets good and accurate forecasts. A third group of primary stakeholders are the businesses that acquire loans from UBSI.Porters Five Forces describes a given industry or competitive terrain for an organization (Henry, 2010). In doing this, there are five distinct forces that define the competitive position and scope of the industry. They include2. Threat of Suppliers This is a major threat b ecause the suppliers of loans and other banking services of USBI could build in-house business consultative and investment banking units and not need USBIs services.4. Ease of Entry It is fairly easy for anyone to start a financial advisory and brokerage firm. However, it is not very easy to build the kind of goodwill USBI has with banks. This include owning subsidiaries and controlling affairs.5. Competitive Rivalry This include other providers of services comparable to USBI. This include Bank of America Corporation, BB&T Corporation and BankUnited Inc. These are financial intermediaries that own bank subsidiaries and look for investment opportunities that have very high gear yield. This is high and provides a major cause of concern for UBSI1. Subsidiary banks There is the need for the banks in the USBI network to be prepared for the magnification. They would have to be adjusted and examined for expansion and growth of the operations and activities. The units need to be given m uch

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Genetics and Crisis Intervention Research Paper

Genetics and Crisis Intervention - Research Paper ExampleThe nurse spoke to Kim kindly and provided information pertaining to unlike types of aneuploidies, their clinical presentation and complications. The nuchal test was suspicious of aneuploidy and maternal serum markers hinted at the presence of some aneuploidy. Kim was 14 weeks pregnant now and the obstetrician advised amnio to confirm the diagnosis. Kim underwent the procedure and the nurse told her that she had to wait for a week for the report to come. One week later, the obstetrician confirmed that the amniocentesis report was suggestive of Huntingtons disease. Kim entangle disastrous. She was referred to a genetic counselor. The genetic nurse took a detailed history and went through the medical reports and noted them down. Kim enquired the nurse about implications of Huntingtons disease and whether she should opt for abortion. banter The profession of nursing has labored continuously to document a wide and yet full rang e of nursing diagnoses, various nursing interventions and patient outcomes. This has been accomplishable because of a steady knowledge base of the profession and continuous assimilation of in the raw knowledge by means of nursing research. One such new area in which the profession of nursing has begun to get involved deeply is genetics (Carroll-Johnson, 2000). When nurses work in genetic diseases detection and management units, they are seeming to come across patients and parents who will ask them about genetic disorders related questions especially in relation to a particular disease like Aneuploidy and Hungtintons disease. In case of fetal diagnosis one question that plaques the nurses is Is the diagnosis right? How sure are you that the diagnosis is correct? This is more so because there is no particular symptomatology in this case and the diagnosis is often made after getting clues from routine screening. Also, in several genetic related conditions, the advice is to terminate the a lot awaited pregnancy, shattering the dreams of the young couple. It thus becomes difficult on the part of the nurse to convince the parents that such a decision must be taken in the best interests of both the parents and the child. Nurses, because of their proximity of the patients and easy approachability are likely to be hovered with more questions and doubts from the patients and it is obliging on the nurses to answer the question in the most understanding manner. Thus, even nurses must have appropriate knowledge about various genetic disorders that may be encountered in their clinical behave (Kirk, 2006). According to the Genetics White Paper (DOH, 2003) advances in the knowledge and also the understanding of various genetic problems, disabilities and diseases have contributed towards more accurate diagnosis with divulge personalized prediction of risk, better preventive strategies, improved treatment modalities and newer drugs and therapies. Such an enhanced improve ment in diagnosis and prediction has already made a great impact in the clinical practice of genetics. Advances in genetics have made it possible to provide more insight into the genetic fragment of the disease and also various environmental triggers of the condition (Kirk, 2006). With reference to nursing in the field of genetics, seven-point competence standards have been outlined. The nurses must be able to separate patients who might benefit from various genetic

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Consumer Behaviour (Marketing) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Consumer Behaviour (Marketing) - Essay ExampleA, Ms. B, Miss C and midget D. Mr. A is a 63 years previous(a) retired man. He spends virtually of his time at office. His wife, Mrs. A, is a 55 years old lady. She has been a housewife throughout her life. She also remains confined to her residence most of the times. She visits the nearby market twice a week to buy groceries and vegetables. Their elder daughter, Ms B is a 34-year-old widow and lives with them. She works as a middle level manager in a big company. Miss C, 24, is the younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. She works part time while attending her MBA Classes. She spends any the money that she earns on her education and personal grooming like, clothing, perfumes, beauty parlor etc. She is very fashion conscious and spends most of the time outside home. Little D is the daughter of Ms. B. She is a 7 year old child who attends school from morning nine o clock to noon. After that she spends her time at home notice TV. In the evening she devotes a couple of hours in doing homework and playing out with friends.The family does not appear to be very affluent as there is only one major working member (Ms B) when compared to the basic expenses of food for five people, medicines for two old people and education of a child. every the members of this family have their own choices as far as TV viewing and receiving set listening is concerned.Mr. ... Viewing / Listening pattern of Member 1 (Mr. A)Mr. A is not very choosy as far as TV transmission lines are concerned. He watches any program that the other family members are reflexion and often sleeps in the middle of it. However one habit that he still maintains from his early days is listening to the news channel on the radio in the morning. He says, Just like breakfast I never miss the morning bulletins. Listening to a particular radio channel has snuff it such a habit that he finds his day incomplete without tuning the channel. When the entire house is bust ling with activity in the morning, he is the one who is most relaxed, listening to the radio. His liking for that particular radio channel can be linked to the theory of lifestyle.On asking why he listens to that news channel of the radio he said it has become a habit since childhood days when TV had not become an integral part of our lives. Since his childhood he has heard from his elders that the radio bulletins are very credible. So his choice of radio news channel can be linked to the theory of attitude as well. It has rightly been observed by Hawkins, Best and Coney (1992, p. 372) that Source credibility influences attitudes. It appears to be composed of two basic dimensions trustworthiness and expertise. Influencing attitudes is much easier when the source of the cognitive content is viewed as highly credible by the target market.Viewing / Listening pattern of Member 2 (Mrs. A)Mrs. A is highly interested in watching TV. Says Mrs. A that I literally have a fight everyday wit h my grand- daughter (Little D) and the sole reason of our conflict is the TV. Mrs. A loves watching channels that run daily soaps and cookery shows.

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Change at DuPont Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Change at DuPont - Research Paper Examplerooted in ceremony of the best at present, limpidly describing future ideals, decision making through collaboration, dialogue, and experimentation for proof. Sense making, on the other hand, utilizes meta-theoretical assumptions analytically to arrive at a workable theory.As a change manager, I would analyze the assumptions from sense making to arrive at a substantive theory that is both logical and legal. Further, I would put this theory to the test to appreciate its attributes from observation and experimentation. Finally, with all the facts, I would invoke a practiti wizr-driven system of arriving at an intervention that facilitates change. This would prove effective especially when all the due steps are in place.At the wake of the closure of Orlon plant, I would first halt the process of stopping one project to aid the other. Such rush decisions hurt in the long run. Instead, I would introduce the existing management to new ideas that w ould aid in the mend process. In this way, the focus could shift from upward(a) the effectiveness of the organization to the plant itself. Further, I would try ensuring that there is a definite mechanism of monitoring and underdeveloped the strengths of the plant, call on staff to appreciate the strengths and aid in their development. In addition, motivating the people would go a long way in improving their attitude, productivity and offloading the pressure that comes with

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How people fall into debt Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

How people fall into debt - Essay ExampleIn the contemporary age, the world has sustain dangerously materialistic. Success is associated with the achievement and possession of material. Possession of material incurs cost. The more the material, the more successful a person is considered, and the more money gets spent. More oft than not, people play to maintain a life standard that is much above what they can afford in their income. Even if a person does not value material, he is supposed to do that in order to comply with the norms, trends and traditions of the society. This change in attitude can be attributed to the fact that people tend to associate respect with materialism. A person possessing the latest model of technology of any sort is praised and appreciated. It is this praise that man longs for, thus ends up overspending. In plus to being materialistic, people in the present age have become increasingly impatient and intolerant. What matters the most is present. Past is gone, and future is unseen. People can not wait to become richer. Therefore, they purchase things or facilities without having resources to compensate for them. Many people acquire loans to construct homes. The most commonly employed financial institutions that serve the occasion are banks.

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Project Proposal Essay Example for Free

Project Proposal EssayIntroductionhuman immunodeficiency virus/ acquired immune deficiency syndrome is a disease which has been rife among many people particularly in poor developing countries sub-Saharan Africa is part. human immunodeficiency virus stands for human immuno deficiency virus which causes aids. This disease leads to lowering of persons immunity to other diseases (Chambers,D.E Wedel, K.R (2005). With the lowered immunity the body becomes vulnerable to attacks by opportunistic infections.HIV/AIDS has been termed by many as a giant of the present day because the devastating effects it has had on the cosmos. It has caused the deaths of many reliable young men and women who were the back bone of the economy. It has rendered many people orphans widows and widowers leaving them with no one to provide for their daily bread. It is for this reason there fore hat urgent measure s should be put in place to take the spread of the disease.This suggest is intended to bring down the prevalence rates by introducing key measures. These argon creation of community aw atomic number 18ness, provide of free ARVs, supply of free protective devices such as condoms. Another way is decrease of stigma through voluntary counseling and examination.Thesis statementThe spread of HIV aids which has remained a problem for a long time can be curbed.This can be achieved only if approaches proposed in this project proposal are followed and implemented to the letter.AnalysisThe causes and consequences of HIV/AIDS have been widely discussed and as such much attention should be directed towards drop-off of the spread.There are many ideologies that have been advanced to support the source or cause of HIV/ AIDS. Some people have argued that aids is caused by witch trade wind while others argue that it is not real and yet others say it is a punishment to man kind for sinning against God. How ever, none of these ideologies should be taken disadvantageously because AIDS is r eal and it is actually a viral disease ( 4).By actual analysis it has been established that the project on reduction of the spread of HIV/AIDS is likely to benefit the entire population. This is through increased economic growth as result of a reduction of deaths among the works population. Also through reduction of spread of aids there impart be reduction on human suffering in general.It is besides argued that reduction in spread of this disease its likely to impact prohibitly on manufacturers of ARVS and other drugs that treat the disease. Not with standing this is can concluded that there no absolute gainers and losers in the fight against the spread of this disease.Policy elementsMission To gain a remarkable reduction in the levels of HIV/AIDS prevalence among the population and thus an improvement in life.GoalsImproving living standardsCreating awareness about the realityObjectives Creating employment opportunitiesTo achie ve free supply of ARVS to the less fortunate in the societyEducating the community on the causes of the diseaseSensitizing the community on safe sex practicesBenefits and workThe project on reduction of spread of HIV/AIDS is seen to have great visible benefits to the targeted population. These benefits go forth range from information and education on the cause of HIV/AIDS and how it can be prevented. The project is intended to provide free ARVs to those already affected b the scourge. Other benefits and services expected from the project include free guidance and counseling to some(prenominal) positive and negative people in terms of status. This is seen to along way in reducing if not eliminating stigma which has been long associated with this disease. There will also be home care for the bed ridded victims of this disease. This is likely to give hope to those others already affected by this disease both directly or in directly.EligibilityThere are two categories of people who w ill be eligible to participate for benefit from this project. There those already infected by the disease and negative people who are wiling t actively participate in spreading the gospel of fighting HIV/AIDS. The two categories are to be identified by voluntary testing and call for volunteers among the population. Once identified the categories will be listed and actively engaged in order to discover the full benefits of the program.Service deliverance To begin with as way of ensuring that service delivery is executed well, there will be a code of ethics that is to be observed by employees. An example of this a abiding by the confidentially rule which states that those dealing with clients or sick should not divulge their HIV status they are nether duty to so. Another way to ensure proper service delivery is by acting promptly to distress call e.g. a call from a sick in need of help say counseling. Showing empathy to those affected by the scourge is another way to win public trust . Through this the services delivered through the project will be perceived good and important by the community. Finally by fetching complaints and compliments and acting on them befittingly will prove vital to good service delivery.Problem to be addressedThe spread of HIV/AIDS has been a major problem alter many countries especially in sub Saharan Africa. This proposal is aimed at tackling this key problem i.e. which has remained a nightmare to many i.e. spread of HIV/AIDSThe spread of this disease has not been arrested as a result of failure to implement policies which have been formulated. The policies aimed at curbing the spread of HIV/AIDS has failed to watch because the government has half heartedly opted to implement the policies.EvaluationAt the end of every year assessment should be undertaken to evaluate if there has been any program in eradication of spread of HIV/AIDS in areas under coverage.Some of the activities for the indication of success in the program will ent ail1.Carrying out explore in the areas in the current prevalence rate of HIV/AIDS spreads prevailing data from hospitals and VCT centre through questioners and interviews to get feedback from the community about their taking of the activities of the program and its organization. Gain from the project and both compliments and complaints against the programs activity which will be used for appraisal of the program.There should be noted overall convince in moral standards of the community. Prostitution, adultery and rape cases should have cut back in high rates from the social educational activities such as communal work, elaboration in the program and seminars in HIV/AIDS awareness campaign activities which should be undertaken in all cities and towns.Our supplies for products such as condoms dispensers and educational textiles should be caterpillar tread out of stock and replenishing done more often. So tenders will eventually be often offered and varied.People should be freely attending aids testing and be ready to freely talk about the calamity without fear of stigmatization.Those infected should be able to undertake or carry on their prevalent life and remain productive. Family should have made it a norm to have HIV/AIDS and sexuality discussions at home.TimelineThe program is to be undertaken in phases with each phase taking a 3 year period starting from phase1, through phase2 to phase4.In phase1, the main concern would be accruing professional and subordinate supply who shall be responsible for the policy formulated, implemented and evaluation of the program. Also the conduct with community all have to start to ensure the awareness of the community of the presence and the fullness of the program The other hand exertion will have to be posted as media stations to give the program a wider observation tower and presence.In phase2, the program the program will hit the road aggressive campaign now that the staff are ready morally and aware of the re quirements and targets. In this phase activities still carried a phase1 will have to keep abreast with the developments in the stage. At this point the participation in the community work will have hit the road, as it is very acceptable with main challenge viewing changing community participation of the HIV/aids possibility.At the experience phase will entail consolidating the gains and improving on the inadequacies of the programme with an aim to have holistic achievement of the programme. So those activities which are not producing required results will be done away with and instead concentrate most of the resources on those policies that have high result.Problem to be addressedThe problem is that with all the material and human resource which have already been used, very little or no considerable gain has been achieved in the current fight against the spread of the disaster in majority of the countries especially the sub-Saharan countries in Africa.The statistics have shown ver y little reduction inn the spread of the disaster and infact it is has actually just been reduced to an arithmetic growth rate which is not acceptable given the size of the resources used in the curbing of the menace. The situation is even made worse by the fact that, the cure is yet to be discovered.The program world therefore ensures the spread of the disaster is controlled and that those affected are well cared for and the people perception of the disaster changes and that people give up the fight just because a cure is not currently on shelves.The most important thing should be achievement in ensuring that the working population is not depleted and the professionals still remain to carry on the research and above all keep mankind from extinction.ReferencesChambers,D.E Wedel, K.R (2005). complaisant Policy and social programs for the practical public policy analyst, 9th editionDefinition of HIV/ AIDS available 4, accessed on manifest 21, 2008Definition of HIV/ AIDS available 277k accessed on March 21, 2008