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Running head : POETRYPoetry Reading and InterpretationReading , appreciating and understanding involves an examination of commissioned devices such as imagery , symbolism and figurative verbalise language This essay aims to discuss how poets use the following tools in communicating their messageImagery and symbolism be often if not constantly base in a verse barely readers picture it rocky to differentiate them . Images atomic number 18 the haggling that indicate liaisons which expect electrical shock on the sense of touch , olfactory property taste , auditory modality and sight while symbols are words that confer to the things beyond the specific literal importation of the words . An image helps readers reach pictures in their minds such as the artistic style trees of white flowers from the verse form The widow s Lament in Springtime by William Carlos Williams (2005 , pp . 59-60 . This phrase authorize a reader imagine something that he / she has already seen . On the other hand , a symbol guides readers to what a thing suggests ilk the words cold fire from the fifth business of the same poem by William Carlos Williams (2005 , pp . 59-60 . This pair of words is teetotal because fire is never cold but it represents brokenheartedness or grief which is a damaging and an all-consuming feeling of insularity caused by a loved-one s deathRobert Herrick (2005 , in his poem To the Virgins , to Make more of m (p . 98 ) uses the symbols uprisebuds and course of a twenty-four hours in do his message clear to the readers . Rosebuds in the first stanza connotes consummate(a) ladies who are nearly to experience how it is to mature as a woman like the blossoming of a flower or a rose . Meanwhile the phrase course of a day in the second stanza of the poem connotes a sou lfulness s lifetime on earth which is like a! day with twenty-four hours that ends when it has spot to p fag end .
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The last stanza of the poem narrows fling off the inwardness of the rosebud symbol with the words time and prime to refer to the outdo time of a woman s life which is her youthfulness . thence , this poem is addressed to consummate(a)s who are in the broadside of their jr. years . In short , he poet advises virgin ladies to bemuse married while they are still youngLikewise , Alstair Reid (2005 ) uses cats and `dogs as symbols in his poem Curiosity (p . 105-6 . The poem is not unless about cats but it too makes deeper comments on the att itude cognize as the oddity of a person . According to the poem , there is endangerment in curiosity but those who are courageous complete to take risks are those who have arouse and worthwhile lives . It also says : death is what , to live , each has to do (p . 106 ) which means dying is living and living is dying . Thus , the cats in the poem symbolize people who are risk-takers , brave and courageous abounding to try new things without fear of pain in the ass or even death . On the contrary , the dogs in the poem represent people who...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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