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Advocacy roles - the role of an incite in various thickener situations 1) Educating just closely rights 2) Educating about how the systems works 3) Educating about problem-solving 4) Organizing customer coalitions 5) poser protagonism skills 6) Providing practical support 7) Accompanying during negotiations 8) Providing feedback and coaching 9) luck individuals advocate on their bear behalf Mediation roles - role of the intercessor in the helping professions 1) Functions of a neutral third society 2) Understanding all sides 3) Clarifying positions and interests 4) Maintaining objectiveness and neutrality 5) Modeling good communication 6) Able to be objective about the specific issues presented Advocacy roles 1) Education: a) Educating the public about issues b) Facilitating media reporting of issues 2) Negotiation and follow-up with other agencies or systems a) Monitoring the finale penalty of other agencies b) Filing complaints if follow-up is inadequate 3) political and wakeless action a) Preparing protagonism briefs b) Testifying on clients behalf c) Seeking legal remedies d) Organizing boycotts, demonstrations, etc. e) Campaigning Advocates must develop an sentiency of their witness prys and priorities in edict to ensure that they do not impose their values on clients. When the clients and advocates values are consonant, the advocate sack easy pursue the aims of the client. But what happens when their values clash? In fact, value conflicts between clients and advocates are quite common. Sometimes the conflicts unite to methods of protagonism; for instance, a client wants the advocate to fight in a manner that inflames conflict, while the advocate values the collected firmness of purpose of conflict. Other times, the values conflict relates to differences over the polish of protagonism: a client asks an advocate to argue in promote of capital punishment, whereas the prof essional values the sanctity of life.(Barksy! , 2007) The office of the mediator in...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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