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Mercury And Hermes

hectogram/Hermes Jeremy Hamilton Period 5-10 3/23/01 Mr.Hix         Mercury and Hermes the comparable to(predicate) fab paragons. Mercury was a papistic graven image and Heremes was a Grecian paragon. In the succeeding(prenominal) couple of pages, I go away rationalise slightly of the likenesses and Differences of these 2 gods. Mercury was a papistical god. He is the boy of Jupiter and Maia and was natural in a subvert on push-down store in Aradia.         He is the god of mankindy a(prenominal) things, such as commerce, wrestling, gymnastics, thie precise, and many other things that bring cleverness. He is the guardian of b consecrate lines and roads . He shoot souls to the Underworld. He was besides the messenger of the gods.         He wore a travel detonatorital and a Winged pair of shoes. His shoes were called a the talaria and his pileus was called the petasos.         He a like carries a staff called the Caduceus that possessed witching(prenominal) powers. It excessively had wings that were at its tip and is said to countenance two snakes warped around it. This staff is used immediately as many symbolisms. An example is in medicine as the symbol for the Blue Cross.         He is also said to work invented the lyre. He did this by killing a turtle and victorious its scramble. Next, he attached two horns, one to each(prenominal) side. Then, he placed a piece of forestlands between the two horns and force ix string between the piece of wood and the bottom of the tortoise shell.         Each of the nine strings was for each of the ball club Muses who presided over feast, literature, and song. He got the Caduceus by giving the lyre to Apollo.         Hermes was a Roman god. He was The son of genus Zeus and Maia. Like Mercury, He was born in a cave on a Mountain in Aradia. He had the sa me winged cap and sandals as Mercury. In a! rchaeozoic Hellenic art, he was portrayed as an old man with a long beard . Later, he was shown as a young, nude boy. He also carried the Caduceus, which was the same as Mercurys.         He was the god of many things. He is the local god of fertility, bringer of wealth, and patron of merchants, gamblers, and thieves. He was the doner of sleep, bringer of dreams, harald of death, and leader of souls to the Underworld. He was also the god of wind, trickery, and fraud. His last job was as the messenger of the gods.         He also invented many things. He invented the alphabet, mathematics, music, astronomy, and gymnastics. He also invented the lyre. It to was a tortoise shell with two horns attached to it; one to each side. He next placed a block of wood between the tips of the horns and drew strings between the piece of wood and the bottom of the shell.         His cunning became apparent on the day he was born. He steal the cow s from his brother, Apollo. This made all the kine on country walk backward. When Apollo found out, he went to Zeus for justice. Hermes then compete the lyre for Apollo and he was so moved by Hermes playing, that he allow Hermes keep the cows. Hermes gave the lyre to Apollo and in return got the Caduceus.         Hermes is very closely have-to doe with to many myths approximately the sky, stars and the Moon. Two symbols related to Hermes are the tortoise and the add quaternion. The tortoise symbolizes his accomplishment of inventing the lyre and the number four in symbolic to the four winds.                  Before I did this research knew very little about Mercury or Hermes. After doing it, I learned a lot more about him and some other Greek and Roman gods. If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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